I can’t believe this happened…

It’s vitriol when you make assumptions you can’t back up with fact. You have no clue as to my personal career path, my time in private industry, my military service, etc. So, if you delude yourself as to what “truth” is, then it’s quite easy to morph your delusion into vitriol, as you’ve so amply demonstrated.

And it’s vitriol to engage in ad hominem attacks when someone has simply posted an opposing opinion. So now you’ve doubled-down on your vitriol by calling me a Dem, a thief, and a traitor. Wow, you sound suspiciously like the anti-cop troll known as Joseph!

I’m happy to allow other CFPers judge what I have to say as my posts speak for themselves and I have nothing to hide. Trolls like you have a way of digging their own (figurative) grave.

BTW, do you get flecks of foam at the corners of your mouth when you post? And, if so, are they even visible in the fluorescent glare of your little bunker? And are the other “first name only” trolls hanging out there with you? Do you guys take turns?

p.s. I guess those who can’t string a sentence together without spewing bile take solace in accusing others of “wordsmithing.” I’m happy to make full use of the English language and feel sorry for those who lack that capacity.

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