Hurricane Laura live tracker…

I’m in TX and I don’t blame ya. Hell, I’da wished it upon you too, but, since we’re bein’ al honest and $hit, here’s th thing. It aint no IKE and it depends on which “news” channel you watch, how “severe” it will be. For play-by-play extraordinary overly dramatic OMG reports, tune in to The Weather Channel, as I suppose they’ve preempted their usual programming of the plight of the wildebeest and the warming of the planet, according to the last remaining penguins that now COEXIST with the polar bears that are sweatin’ their ballz off. Oh, the drama and crisis’s never end! Cheers, Inky. (btw, I have family in Lake City, and I’d rather it come here than go there). That’s how we do shit in TEXAS. Survival is a state of mind, and , we don’t mind survivn’. In fact, we look forward to it.


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