Hundreds gather for underground ‘prohibition-style’ COVID science conference

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I recently attended a private panelist discussion that took place at an undisclosed location in the Greater Toronto Area. The privacy of the venue, all attendees and the academics that comprised the panelists was being upheld, so I could not bring you the full scope of the event. Instead, I relied on some keynotes from the various speeches and general feedback from the audience to deliver you a glimmer of hope in a world of madness.

All attendees were instructed to turn off their GPS, put their phones on airplane mode or turn them off completely. There was to be no posting on social media before, during or after the event. Plain clothed police and private security ensured the physical safety of those present. It was all very prohibition style — that’s the reality that we’re living here in Canada as critical thinkers in 2021.

Overall, the event was about questioning The Narrative™ and advocating for the right to body sovereignty and to be free from non-consensual medical treatment. The intent was also to connect in-person — in real time, unmasked and not socially distanced — to show others that they are not alone in questioning the government’s response to the “pandemic” that doesn’t add up.

Topics of discussion ranged from dissection of legalese around incorrect legal advice being given on social media, to medical professionals providing evidence-based information to the attendees, to personal accounts of frontline workers and academics that have lost their jobs due to “non-compliance” with indiscriminate and unconstitutional mandates, to how the Public Health Agency of Canada has completely ignored well-established pillars of outbreak response.

It’s becoming clear that we’re not going to change or come back from the narrative of this “new normal” that is being imposed on us without our consent, so the people in the conference room are taking it into their own hands. They’re connecting to move forward out of this grotesque mess without using a risky, experimental, rushed drug — and in a way that’s inclusive, utilizes evidence-based best practices and is open and transparent with debate and information sharing.

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