Hugh Hewitt loses his cool… Ron Johnson feels the heat…

“I am not going to be naming names like that” The obvious follow up is WHY NOT, here and now ? which he did ask kinda.

Clearly congress is really only concerned with maintaining their own status quo. And Hugh is wrong on Wray. Wry ahs wihthioed mounyains of documenst illegally from day one of his tenure and it all still continues and gets glossed over.

Under hand slow pitch VS fastball hard core basesball. I have said many times we have maybe 24 good men or solid people in all of congress out of 535 ! I imagine I am very close to accurate. You cannot make any judgment on words these days as they mean nothing at all. You can only look at actions, nothting else means diddly squat !

What we need is a site that publishes every source of money/donatoins for every congress critter. That would show exactly who is who in the DC zoo as well as every state capitol as both are well past corrupted ! Many supposed conservatine REPs in congress take money from FB, GOOG , Twitter and other control freak entities and that is they continue to censor as they please. And tht is just one small example of how it all wortks in the cesspools of supposed leadership here in USA today.

In fact Pink Floyd wrote some songs about it in detail many moons ago so if you never understodd them now is your chance or maybe just review and get boned up ! The point never was that money is necessarily bad or evil , just how it is used to corrupt and we see it in spades today, Hey ?

“The Who” and Hendrix also pointed out the same events and more as well back then and clearly many have forgotten or just never understood what was being said. The lyrics are all very profound if you just listen and pay attentiion ! We were warned in many ways a long time ago. “Let us stop talking falsely now the hour is getting late” I first heard this song in RVN in 1968 . a black guy in my unit had a reel to reel portable tape in his APC and he was blaring it as we were setting up our perimeter just west of TayNinh in the rubber trees. We all thought we would die that day and some did. It was a very surreal moment and time and that song has always stuck with me as a reminder of what reality really is !

And later this piece about political schemers and other shitheads in society ! people forget they are hiding from themselves and all is an “immenence front put on” to convince others of their junk ! And we have been living in all of these illusions for how long now as we were dumbed down all along the watchtower ? We were warned long ago ! I love all these songs for those very reasons and the music is awesome as well.

Much more recenty Alice in Chains did this as well. it points out clearly we need many more roosters that are not easy to kill. I am one and always will be only because of my life experiences and grace of Melchezadek and lord Yeshua. I accepted my death many moons ago so the junk cannot control me, ever ! My purpose now is to pass it on to others and point out the illusions we all live in !

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