How to take back your power from the Slave System

How do we take back our power from the Slave System?

A while back, the blinders came off my eyes and I started to see the corruption and criminality of the current power structure in our world.

There are lots of things happening in our world currently that are really hard to deal with, while being able to stay peaceful and staying in love with all the abundant natural beauty in life.

For example, child sex trafficking, and especially the satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice that some human beings and animals are being subjected to.

Another example is war, and the war machine that continually destroys the lives of both innocent civilians and the military personnel who so often end up with PTSD, mental illness and death due to abnormally high rates of suicide.

These are two serious symptoms of the slave system.

We can live in a bubble and block out all the bad stuff, pretending everything is OK, and attempting to carry on with ‘business as usual’. However, in this Earthly reality we share, everything is energy, and we are all connected at the level of our human hearts. Even if we’re not actively thinking about the suffering and trauma being endured by our fellow human beings, we’re still feeling it at a soul level, for those of us that are a soul.

So many people now are silently struggling to make sense of this crazy mixed up world. It’s a challenge to get on with life, while understanding what we can do to help make things better for ourselves as an individual, as well as for humanity and our Earth as a whole. There are those among us who deep down feel hopeless and like the problems of our world are too big and we are too small. Many people have resigned themselves to what they believe is ‘the fact’ that things are as they are and they’re never going to change. The slave system has many people feeling trapped and like there’s no way out and no other option.

How do we take back our power, and set ourselves free?

Our true inner freedom starts when we learn to be with our full range of natural human emotions, while remaining centered, peaceful and well in this highly chaotic time on planet Earth. We need to develop our energy awareness and emotional intelligence to the point we know who we are as a soul and we’re able to be with all that is. Without getting tricked or trapped by our own fears and doubts or the lies of the slave system.

From my experience doing my own inner work, and as I work with my family, friends and coaching clients, everything starts, ends, and begins again in our hearts.

Very often we will shut down our hearts, in order to not have to feel the full range of human emotions. We especially like to avoid the energies we find most difficult to deal with, like grief, sorrow, despair, feelings of emptiness, or loneliness, sadness, fear, anxiety or depression, hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness, anger, rage, guilt, shame, embarrassment, frustration. You know, the energies that feel most uncomfortable in our body, and that make people around us feel most uncomfortable too.

The majority of people simply avoid ever feeling all of their honest feelings fully. Instead, lots of people simply swim in the shallows of their lives, going through the motions, keeping up appearances, pretending all is well. Avoiding, ignoring or denying the existence of things that cause discomfort. These are the ‘stay positive’ no matter what people, who can only stay happy as long as they avoid certain parts of reality that they’d rather not think about.

True freedom and soul empowerment come when we have the courage and the willingness to open our hearts wide and to love life whole heartedly, unconditionally. That is, being able to see, and be present to our current reality for everything that it is. The good, the bad and the extremely ugly and corrupt; As well as being able to feel, connect with and be powered by the beauty woven into every natural detail of our Divine design.

There are both polarities intensely present on our Earth right now. That of the deliberately anti-life, destructive, greedy, psychopathic egomaniacs who want to control us all, control the population, and own the planet for the profit and benefit of the few, at the expense of the whole of life. The slave masters who control the slave system. While there is also an unbreakable bond of love, that unites all human beings that have the courage to care for each other and our planet, those of us who genuinely want to live in peace and harmony together. There are also a lot of people sitting in the middle somewhere, still trained into the slave system, but also with love in their hearts.

The mistake I see many people make is to think that they need to ignore, deny, or avoid looking at the things that we need to change in our world. While trying desperately to only focus on what makes us feel comfortable in the moment.  To truly set ourselves and each other free, we need to be willing to ‘be present with it all’. Whole heartedly awake, alive, present in this moment and willing to feel our direct connection with all of life.

This requires the courage to feel all of the most difficult, ugly and uncomfortable energies, and breathe through them to transmute them. Too many people are still afraid of the dark, or busy living in the false light, and are missing out on the lived, felt experience that WE ARE LOVE NOW. The difficult stuff of life, when we face it and feel it fully, has the power to transform, to heal and to become the fuel for real world loving transformation.

It’s only when we have the courage to face the darkness in our individual life, as well as in the world around us, that we can come to know that we are the natural light. It’s only when we develop the ability to discern using our soul, that we can feel the difference between that which is genuinely loving, and that which is false light. The false light is the energy pretending to be positive, while actually seeking to control us, use us, and enslave us and our world. We need to learn to feel the difference from the inside out.

With courage and discernment, we have the ability to seek the truth in every moment, to live our own genuine, honest, loving life, true to our own soul. As well as having the ability to navigate the tough stuff in the world around us, and to be able to see everything for what it really is. Without being overwhelmed by the intensity of the energies, both natural light and synthetic light that we’re currently experiencing.

We are the co-creators here. Most of us have been unconsciously creating our lives following the scripts given to us by ‘the system’ we’ve been born into and trained into. We’re in an exciting time of transition as we wake up to our own divinely gifted creative power, and more of us are consciously activating our hearts, to become conscious loving co-creators, rather than remaining blindly trusting script followers.

The truth sets us free, but first it may very well be quite upsetting for many real reasons. There are a lot of true things that are quite horrifying, shocking and very hard to face and feel (process). Everyone processes in our own ways, in our own time. We need to give ourselves permission for It to be OK to feel all of our feelings fully, even the tough stuff. Safe in the knowledge that we are the light and we are changing our reality together, as we’re here consciously, and lovingly facing it all together.

It might help to think of this process like a big, whole human family, whole Earth detox. The nasty stuff that is damaging health and destroying life, is in the process of being flushed out into the light of our individual and collective awareness for transmutation into love. During the process of the detox we can feel like absolute death at times, as the toxins are extra active in our system while we’re moving them from the lack of awareness of our unconscious mind, into the loving awareness of our soul.

Fear no evil. We’ve got this, we are in the process of birthing a whole new, genuinely peaceful, loving, thriving, naturally healthy, eco harmonious way of being and living together in our shared world.

There are people who don’t want to give up the hoarded power and wealth that they have amassed over many generations of exploitation and human slavery and servitude. They are doing their best to sabotage our collective awakening as conscious loving co-creators here. They don’t want us to remember that we are free and that we are love.

The more of us that are willing to open our hearts, face reality and feel all of our feelings fully, transmuting the toxic into fuel for real world loving transformation. The more creative power we reclaim, and the less power ‘they’ (the powers who soon won’t be) have over us. Our willingness and ability to face the truth, is what sets us free.


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