How to deal with reality

How to deal with our confronting, confusing and constantly changing reality.

For the past few years, since I read some of the Hillary Clinton and John Podesta emails, and I realised they were part of a Luciferian Pedovore cult. My life has been devoted to bringing the truth to light.

The truth is, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta are just two, of many world class criminals who form part of the Luciferian Globalist Satanic Cabal. There is a whole network, and different factions and families within the cult. They run a whole sick ‘Pizza Loving’ culture that revolves around their lust for power and control, their distain for all that is natural and sacred, and their addiction to Adrenochrome and ritual child abuse and sacrifice. These people are sick.

Worse than simply being sick, they are well networked, well resourced and they’ve been planning and plotting against us for generations. Until recently, they have controlled all the ‘trusted’ information, including the mainstream media, and they have no conscience. Not a confronting reality at all really!

These Luceriferian Globalists are genuine real-world psychopaths. Who have been getting away with bloody murder (I wonder where that saying comes from?) for quite literally, ages.

No wonder the general population and all those ‘in the know’, have been willing to turn a blind eye to this absolute evil for so long. It truly is so horrific, traumatic and beyond the realm of conscious understanding for the rest of us mere mortals.

The rest of the regular human beings, the vast majority, who have a heart, a soul, a conscience and operate naturally on the principle of non-aggression, as in ‘do no harm’, as in The Golden Rule, which is the principle of treating others as you want to be treated. Have not been able to comprehend that such deliberately violent, abusive, evil could truly exist, let alone be holding power in our world.

Yet, here we are.

The evidence of the Luciferian cult and their Global organised crime network is all around us. We’ve seen it play out in wars, that they have lied and manipulated to start and to fuel. We see it in the fact that human trafficking, including child sex trafficking is the biggest black market on Earth. We’re seeing it play out in the toxically controlling policies of government. We see it in the increasingly Dog eat Dog culture that passes for normal in their sick Satanic culture; That has saturated the mainstream consciousness through movies, music, TV, media and pop culture content of all kinds. They’ve been sending out their message, their satanic ethos loudly, clearly and on repeat.

Do what thou wilt; Shall be the whole of the Law, declared Aleister Crowley, an English writer, mystic, and ceremonial magician, read, Satanist. Those who lust for power and control, like Hillary, Obama, Podesta, Bill Gates, George Soros, and their Globalist mates have been doing as they want, with no care or concern for the good of our human family as a whole, for a very long time.

This is the divide. There are those of us who are governed by love, good will toward our fellow human beings, and conscience to help us discern what is naturally just and honest.

Then there are those who are not bound by the universal principles of truth, and love and human decency. These people are the wolves in sheep clothing who have been groomed by their Satanic families, and the Satanic system, and have risen through the ranks to be positioned as the ‘authorities’, the ‘officials’, the ‘puppet politicians’, who all get their orders and information from the top of their Luciferian hierarchy power structure.

This is how the systems of power and control have been deliberately designed. They exist to harness the power of the many, and funnel this power into the hands of a minority few, who are then answerable to and controlled by an even smaller group of Luciferian Elite.

Not happy with the current level of control they have over our human family, these power hungry ‘higher ups’ are seeking total control. Like every evil genius ever, the Satanic goal is complete world domination, and these professional psychopaths have mapped their plan to achieve this. Under the umbrella of ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ and the United Nations Agenda 21, and Agenda 30.

The Luciferian powers that be, are working through their Global centralised organisations, like the UN, the World Health Organisation, The Internal Monetary Fund, Unesco, the Council on Foreign Relations, and so many more. They also utilise ‘charity foundations’ and organisations, like The Clinton Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The Red Cross to name a few that need to be thoroughly and honestly investigated.

They use a magic trick called ‘false light’ to wrap all of their evil ideas and evil plans for control and the enslavement of our human family, in a ‘positive skin’, a false facade. They present their plans and ideas, is as if they are offering real world solutions. They present themselves as if they are working for ‘the greater good’. While in reality the Luciferian cult only ever work for their own good.

They draw in genuinely good and well-meaning human beings who believe their polished lies and ‘buy in’ to bringing these agendas into being. This creates further confusion for the human family in trying to discern who is a wolf and who is an honest human who has simply been caught up in the false light trickery. When we know ‘good people’, ‘honest people’, people we trust, who are associated with or even actively promoting these Globalist initiatives, we’re sometimes tricked into believing the polished lies, believing their ‘control system plans’ really are for our own good.

We can see this playing out in real time in our world right now with this Covid-19 Globalist engineered crisis.

The origin of this Covid-19 virus itself, looks at this stage to have been developed in a lab in Wuhan China, with funding from the US that was approved by Dr Anthony Fauci, under the Obama administration (The Satanic Cabal funding bioweaponry development with US taxpayer’s money? Time will tell).

We know that after the original outbreak in Wuhan China, while some brave Doctors on the ground were trying to raise the alarm. The Chinese Government actually ran interference, down playing the risks, and with the help of The World Health Organisation. China carried on with ‘business as usual’ over the Chinese New Year Period, allowing 5 million people to leave Wuhan to travel all over the world to visit their family and friends.

While all this was going on, there were a few very interesting and different things taking place. Again confusion, misinformation, misdirection.

At first The World Health Organisation, praised China for their handling of the outbreak, and their ‘transparency’. Which is laughable. In reality, we still have no clue what really transpired in China at the start of this Global crisis event.  The world Health Organisation denied person to person transmission of the disease early on, and stuck to their ridiculous ‘someone ate a bat’ story.

They used this bad information to give false reassurances to leave international travel from China open. Giving weeks for the virus to be distributed around the world. When Trump decided to act early to shut down flights from China, Italy and other effected places, he was critised by the World Health Organisation and their Globalist backers.

Then we had two universities who provided modelled projections of the potential devastating reach of covid-19. This modelled data was funded by none other than The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. This is the information that was then supplied to all of our governments and used to justify the draconian ‘control measures’ that put a number of countries into ‘shut downs’ of differing degrees.

All of this was happening while honest doctors and scientists were scrambling to work out what was really going on, what were they actually dealing with, and how best to manage the real-world presentation of the ‘the virus’.

At the same time, the mainstream media machine swung into full ‘Crisis Mode’ round the clock coverage, ‘death tally, death tally, death tally’, ‘danger, danger, danger’, ‘fear, fear, fear’. The media whipped up a public fear storm so fast and so furious that people genuinely believed that this virus was going to be a plague that would kill millions of otherwise healthy people. Where could that idea of come from? That’s right, back to those projections funded by Bill Gates.

By this time, The World Health Organisation decided it would declare a ‘pandemic’. Which is a magic word in policy making, that allows governments to give themselves all kinds of ‘emergency powers’. It’s also a trigger word in trauma-based mass mind control, which further fuelled the fears of a plague that would kill millions of otherwise healthy people.

Then we started to get some data out of Italy. What the real-world information coming out of Italy showed, was that the vast majority of people who were being listed as Covid-19 related deaths. Were elderly people who had one or more co-morbidities. As in, they were already people with existing health issues that made them weaker and more susceptible to getting the severe symptoms of the virus.

As time went on, the more we learnt about the virus, the more we understood, that for the vast majority of people who have contact with the virus, we will simply develop our own natural antibodies, without ever experiencing symptoms. There are some who will get sick, with cold and flu like symptoms and still recover naturally with rest and fluids. Then, there are a small number of vulnerable individuals, generally the elderly or otherwise immune compromised, who will develop severe symptoms, requiring medical treatment. In a small number, hospitalisation and respiratory support are required. Of those who become critical, a small number will die, while most will still recover.

This is the reality that emerged as we observed the evidence-based information.

However, for those who were still getting their information from the mainstream media, the Government, The World Health Organisation, Bill Gates and his Globalist mates. The fear was still being deliberately fuelled.

There’s more to the story, of how the ‘bad actors’ within The Establishment have been deliberately manipulating the data to make the ‘covid crisis’ seem more deadly, dangerous and wide spread than it ever was in truth. For example, there were many instances of the accuracy of the test results being questioned. There was also the small matter of the way Doctors were being instructed to write death certificates during the crisis.

In the US, Doctors were given directions, that if a patient had covid, or even was ‘suspected’ of having covid at the time of their death, to list Covid on their patient’s death certificate.  Those deaths were then counted as a covid death on the covid death tally. There was also financial incentive made available to hospitals to include covid as a reason for admission, around $13,000 per covid admission. Plus, the amount increased to over $40,000 if the covis patient was put on a respirator. Even though as the best practice treatment for covid has become more self-evident among honest doctors, it is now known that respirators for some patient’s, have done more harm than good, damaging patient’s lungs.

There’s so much more. In terms on inconsistencies and discrepancies between ‘the official story’ and what has been reported by front line medical staff and patients and their family members from all around the world. This entire ‘crisis event’ does not pass the sniff test.

Especially as we’ve all looked on scratching our heads at the absolute nonsense in the inconsistencies of the Governments ‘control orders’ and restrictions. Killing off small business, while leaving the mega corps free to trade. Shutting down kids’ sports, while keeping schools and childcares open, in some places and not others. Shutting down beaches, parks and forests but leaving Bunnings open. Forcing healthy people into self-isolation. Telling parents not to hug their kids, and banning parents from school grounds. We’ve been living in bizarro land.

The more information comes to light, the more obvious it becomes that we’ve been lied to, misinformed and manipulated. We were temporarily tricked into giving up our human rights and freedoms, under the guise of public health and safety. When in reality there is a whole other agenda that’s really been the purpose behind this crisis event from the start.

It comes from, and feeds back into, the UN’s agenda 21 and agenda 30. Which calls for the tracking, tracing, monitoring, forced vaccinations, and microchipping of our human family.

The Luciferian Cult know how to manipulate and trick ‘the human herd’. They know FEAR works. They have conducted decades worth of human experimentation under the banner of MK Ultra mind control. That is trauma-based mind control, using fear, media, and hypnosis techniques. Think about the sounds, and trigger words, and images that have been used by the media throughout this entire ordeal. All by deceptive design. They know how to push our buttons, and have the mainstream thinkers following their ‘control order’ scripts like obedient human slaves.

Which brings us to this present moment.

While the Globalists have been hard at it, using their media empire and their control over our puppet governments and all of The Established systems of control. Myself, as a free-thinking truth seeker, and millions upon millions now, of men and women like me, from around the world. Have been working our bums off to provide a counter coverage of this Globalist orchestrated covid crisis.

We’ve been questioning the ‘official narrative’ from the beginning. Refer to my facebook feed, and scroll back for your information. You can see our real time investigation as we sort to understand what was really going on and why. Sharing information in our own natural intelligence networks. You’ll find links to resources that I’ve drawn on to form my understanding so far.

In my feed, you will also see, that the FaceBook ‘fact checkers’ have been hard at work attempting to discredit and cover up the facts.

The entire Luciferian hierarchy of control in our world, has relied on their ability to control our collective consciousness. Which is why Government and Big Pharma, and all the other Mega Corporations and their central controllers, seek to control and censor the information that the masses receive, and the information that the ‘mainstream thinkers’ believe is true.

The reality of our shared world here together, as a human family, on our beautiful Mother Earth. Is that we are creator beings. We are divinely designed and divinely created, and have been very deliberately divinely gifted with Universal Free Will. We’re here to co-create the most beautiful, loving, peaceful, free, joyful, plentiful, naturally healthy, eco harmonious life and world we can imagine.

The controllers, can’t allow us to wake up to reality. They need to keep the human family living in a dumbed down trance. Where we are fearful, suggestible and they can tell us what to think and what to believe, and how ‘we must’ live our lives.

As humanity wakes up to the truly divine and miraculous nature of our own bodies, our being, our soul, and our infinitely creative and wise Divine Consciousness. We are withdrawing our consent to be ruled over by liars. We’re in the process of waking up and collectively remembering who we are at heart. Both as a Universally unique individual, and collectively, as a whole and sacred human family.

This is the most exciting time to be alive!

Back to my original question:

How to deal with our confronting, confusing and constantly changing reality.

This is the most exciting part! As we wake up to and face reality as it is, and as it has been, we, as human creator beings, simply through the act of our loving awareness and presence, are in the process of changing everything.

By the simple act of loving observation, curiosity, questioning and becoming aware of ‘what is’ and what’s been planned for us, by whom and why. We are changing everything. Our consciousness is an inseparable part of ALL THAT IS. As we observe, and discern, and exercise our Divinely Gifted Free Will to express our own Loving Creative Intent, and Loving Healing Intent. Everything that is of the false light, is being revealed and seen for what it is. This current Satanic human herd control system is showing itself as nothing more than a monument to a power hungry, controlling psychopath that does not know love and is not fit to rule.

When it comes to facing the confronting and the confusing, let love be your guide. Trust your soul. We are one with the natural intelligence of our Divine Creator, and we can feel the truth. The truth stands up very well to questioning. When we seek to truly understand, truth and wisdom emerge.

Don’t be afraid of the Dark, and don’t be deceived by the False Light.

The Divine Light of Truth is LOVE, as too are you.

The love that we are at heart is what lights our path as we step forward in faith to co-create our new way of life on Earth together.

Love doesn’t seek to control, or manipulate, or distort, or to extort.  We can feel honesty and love. Just as we can discern everything that’s not that, even when it’s pretending to be ‘authentic’ or ‘empathetic’. Makes me think of ScoMo with this highly paid ‘empathy coach’.

As for enjoying the constant and massive waves of change that we’re now living through, breathe deep, surrender to LOVE. Let your faith in our Divine Creator, and in the Divine Design of your own human heart and soul, be greater than your fears, and know #WeAreTheChange

This is our Divinely Gifted Life, and our Divinely Created World. What are we building? My soul’s Divine knowing tells me, we’re here to take down the evil empire of darkness and false light, and build the Kingdom of LOVE #HeavenOnEarth now’s the time.  Truth Sets Us Free #FreeHumanity


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