How Schwarb, Gates and Fauci Will Bring Peace In Our Time

Intro by Dee McLachlan: The other morning I received this from Tony, which read “I hope this submission cheers you up. I have given up being a geopolitical analyst and my new career is as a soothsayer and prophet extraordinaire. I’ll see how it goes. If the pay’s good. If not, I’ll go back to geopolitical analyst.” Well, it did cheer me up and brought a smile to my face. So here is it:

A true story about the future

By Tony Ryan

Those of us not seriously vaccine-damaged would have read the startling news about Japan’s container ship blocking the Suez Canal. Reportedly, this cost some eleven billion dollars in lost trade.

But this debacle has precipitated insightful speculation about the possibility of a hostile globalist entity detonating bombs simultaneously in both the Suez and Panama Canals.

There is no doubt this would be easy to execute, not to mention cheap and very effective.

But who would do such a diabolical thing? I hear you ask.

Well, I can think of some pretty creative globalist bankers who just might hasten their Great Restart agenda. After all, it’s becoming clear that Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwarb, and Bill Gates were linked to the Fort Dietrich>Wuhan Laboratory generated Covid-19 pandemic; who in turn are linked to the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. Obviously, large scale espionage is right up their alley.

And the same investment bankers launched the 2008 global financial collapse and, not forgetting, their practice run in 1929. It is now years since I last heard anybody bother to deny this. That their lobbying caused the revocation of Glass-Stegall, clinched that argument. These are very experienced perps. The Suez-Panama caper will be a cinch.

I and many other experts are convinced it is going to happen.

So, what will happen if both the Suez and Panama canals are closed for a substantial period?

First, major trading economies will collapse.  This chaos will be exacerbated by a few billion deaths due to a second viral pandemic eliminating all recipients of the mRNA jabs. Concomitantly, a billion people will die because 5G tower emissions will cause brain haemorrhages in those whose epithelial membranes were attacked by mRNA spike proteins.

Meanwhile, pursuant to Phase Two, Bill Gates will have sprayed chalk dust across the northern upper atmosphere and the resultant reduction in sunlight will cause all people with dark skins to die of vitamin D deficiency. Bill Gates will really like this.

It will be around this time that freezing Scandinavians will bottle Bill Gates and throttle Gretta Thunberg, and then spray hydrochloric acid in the upper atmosphere to dissolve the chalk dust. The resultant natural global warming will permanently melt the North-West passage, permanently replacing the Panama Canal, and providing Canada with billions in revenue.

Australia will survive quite well because we do not need to trade. At all. Which will lever our economy upwards relative to all other economies. Most Australians will not be affected by the second viral pandemic because few will have received the mRNA jab, thanks to Scomo’s distribution skills. The second viral pandemic casualties will be limited to mRNA jab recipients which, being politicians, doctors, and ABC journalists, won’t be missed at all. I will really like this.

Third, with the arctic route and Great Siberian railway replacing the old central trade routes via Suez, Russia will become the most powerful nation in the northern hemisphere.

The US will not only lose out to the Russian gas export to Europe, it will be denied access to the new northern routes. Concomitantly, the trading of oil in US dollars will cease altogether and the American dollar will collapse.

No longer able to be the global hegemon and war mongerer, America’s economy will go into a downward spiral and, with sanctions bypassed by all other nations, Iran and Venezuela will prosper and will probably buy the US. Cheaply. The NYMEX and London controls on oil prices will revert to the leading exporters; and laws of supply and demand will apply.

Leading scientists, especially climate experts, believe that the two explosions will eventually trigger continental drift; with north and south America going their own ways, and Africa heading towards the US south-east coast. Already, there have been riots and real estate price collapses in North and South Virginia.

If Schwarb, Gates, Fauci and Co are as crazy as I think they are, they will set this seductively attractive scenario in motion; sooner rather than later. This will precipitate the most classic of all Unintended Consequences… their own destruction and world peace.

I am presuming, of course, that in the meantime, the third great world problem, the Chinese Communist Party, will have imploded, taking Emperor Xi with it.


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