How Finland Is Using Hate Crime Laws To Persecute Truth-Speaking Christians

On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Bishop Juhana Pohjola joins Executive Editor Joy Pullmann in the Hillsdale College Kirby Center studio to discuss his experience being prosecuted in Finland under hate crime laws after stating Biblical truths about the distinctions between males and females.

“I’m very worried about the situation because whatever the outcome of the case is, this is also sending a signal that if they can come after [a] bishop and if they come after [a] grandma, member of Parliament, then they can come after you,” Pohjola said.

If found guilty, Pohjola could face fines and years in jail for simply exercising his freedom of speech and preaching Christian values.

“There are some positive signs even from non-Christians who are very supportive for us. [They say,] ‘I don’t agree at all with you, with your Christian views and your arguments, but this is a question of freedom of speech, and we totally 300 percent support you,’” Pohjola said.

Read more of Pohjola’s story here.


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