How COVID Holidays Will Change Our Relationship With Government

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Assistant Editor Kylee Zempel joins Emily Jashinsky to discuss how the bureaucratic restrictions on the 2020 holiday season will change Americans’ relationship with the government.

“This is the time of year when, take all of the 2020 craziness out of it, we’re going into a time when seasonal depression gets very real. People get really stir crazy. The weather gets pretty bad. And people are just ready to gather with their families,” Zempel said.

While many Americans usually gather together with family and friends, this year is different due to heavy restrictions in certain areas preventing people from even gathering in their own homes. These restrictions, Zempel said, are being enacted by people who aren’t following their own rules.

“The hypocrisy among government officials is just rampant,” Zempel said. “And we’re seeing it now as they’re telling us to lock down for the holidays, but we’ve seen it all throughout coronavirus. It was the reason why us peasant folk weren’t able to go to weddings or attend funerals but why we can have a funeral on Capitol Hill that brings thousands of people together.”

“We’re seeing all of the same hypocrisy now through the holidays and they’re getting away with it,” she added.

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