How convenient, Kenosha Marxists…

As long as decent and good hard working people put up with this, without a 2nd amendment response, the longer and more violent these Communist POS leftists will get.

They still stay in places where the Gov, AG’s, Mayors and Judges, and in some cases, cops, wont do F all about it.

They come out of those shitholes they live in and try this crap, they will meet Mr and Mrs Hailstorm Lead….I think we all agree here on CFP that the F it point is pretty much here. The day to deal with these thugs was a long time ago.

They still seem to either want to die, at the hands of patriots, or they truly believe that Joe Average American is afraid to do something.

To all you leftist scumbags and trolls on this board, you had better digest this statement.

The only F’n thing standing between you and death, is our President. We trust he wont let this go on for much longer. If he does nothing, and you f’ers cheat to win, or do not let him assume his duly elected position, then I promise you, you will get what you ask for. You assholes are begging for a 2nd amendment solution, and all you do is live in denial about how you are outnumbered, 10 to 1.

Our good graces and the fact we want to remain peaceful as long as possible, before doing our duty’s is the only thing keeping you dimwitted thugs from breathing. BLM, ANTIFA, Demorat pols, the media…all of you had better understand the real deal here.

You are pushing God fearing, law abiding people to a place we dont want to go. You do not want us pissed off idiots. That is a reality.


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