Housing Amnesty for Humanity Nov 14th 2021

Since the beginning of the COVID Act of war against humanity by the International Banking Cartel, the Big pharmaceutical mafia, and the Church hierarchy that have laid false claims to ownership and control over our Living Earth and our shared humanity. Many millions of living men and living women across our Living Earth have been deliberately deceived into deliberately engineered hardship on all levels; mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial.

When COVID began, my husband Toby and I very quickly realised this was a deliberately engineered attack on our human family. Planned to help the Globalist banking cartel and the hidden ‘powers that be’. To usher in their long game/ end game of their New World Order/ One World Government. Their new digital beast slave system 2.0. The transhuman, internet of everything, where the living men and women will own nothing, and the banking cartel will own everything and everyone.

The criminally controlled ‘New Normal’ where everyone and everything is masked, tracked, traced, monitored, taxed, controlled, lied to and abused. While our Living Mother Earth is raped and pillaged, our water, air, soil and all-natural life poisoned and radiated.

It really is a hellish nightmare version of reality that the current powers that be have scripted. They are pushing out their evil scripts through their corporate policy and corporate controlled media, both mainstream and the controlled ‘alternative’ media at an ever-faster rate. FEAR, FEAR, FEAR, divide and concur.

They, the criminals behind this COVID fraud, and the human heard management debt slave system, are psychopaths that have no human heart, no empathy, no kindness, no care or respect for humanity or our Living Earth. They see us as a human herd, and a natural resource to be managed and farmed, harvested for the life force energy that they can extract from us, and use to empower and enrich themselves at our expense.

There are mountains of evidence of the criminality of the current slave system and the complicity in evil of those occupying positions of falsely assumed authority within this beast of a system.

The question now really is, what are We the People going to do about it?

The evil ones claim that it is right that they manage human beings and our living Earth on our behalves, because we are incompetent and incapable of managing our own estate.

This is a lie, and The Original Sovereign First Nations People are the living proof that their ancient Earth culture was living freely and in harmony with our living earth for tens of thousands of years before the slave system arrived here and started laying false claims.

The truth is that this world is divinely created, imaged into being by our Creator Consciousness and intended to be our real-world Heaven on Earth. Why, in a creative field of infinite possibility would We the People settle for anything less than the best possible version of reality that we can imagine together? Why would we allow a small collective of completely untrustworthy criminals to be controlling our collective consciousness, our lives, our families, our children, our community and our world?

We the People of our Living Earth always hold the Divinely Given Power of Universal Free Will. Which gives us the ability to re-imagine everything for the benefit and betterment of humanity and our Mother Earth.

Here where we live in the 369 Original Sovereign First Nations that make up the Island continent we know as Australia. We are gifted with the opportunity to come together now with The Original Sovereign People of this sacred land in our own People’s Peace Alliance / People’s Treaty to dissolve the fraud and all of the false claims to ownership of the criminal corporations and foreign crown.

Our Original Elders and trusted lawmen and women of the sacred First Nations land hold the ancient Earth lore wisdom to light our collective way forward into our most peaceful, and real world free New Dreaming.

All we need to do is turn off the TV, turn off the radio, put down the digital devices and come sit down on the land and start to listen. Really listen. To the wisdom of our Original Elders, and the natural energy field of our Living Mother Earth. From this place of being grounded in what’s real, and what’s natural, and in our coming together in the heart of our shared humanity. With full respect and recognition for who we are as divinely loved co-creator beings, here in the sacred First Nations. Together with our Original Sovereign brothers and sisters, we are gifted with the power to re-imagine everything.

The longer that We the People give power to the false light system of human herd control, either through complying with the controlling evil, or even by resisting and fighting against their abusive evil. The more of our energy goes into holding the fraud in place.

In truth, everything is energy dancing to the tune of our collective consciousness.

The evil powers that be have hijacked our energy and our collective consciousness to enable them to control what We the People believe is real, believe is true and what we put our faith in. Which enables them to control what our collective consciousness is imagining into being. The distorted, twisted, sick, destructive, toxic version of reality that is currently being accepted by the majority as ‘business as usual’ on slave planet Earth is being engineered through fraud and mass deception.

What Our Original Elders know and are inviting us to remember is that we are the co-creators here, and that we are meant to be living in a mutually respectful and kind relationship with our Living Mother Earth, and with each other as brothers and sister.

Our Sovereign Elders are offering us our People’s Peace Alliance. The membership fee is that we each plant at least one Native Tree/ bush/ shrub/grass to show our respect for our Living Mother Earth and all of our natural kin; and that we renew our membership each year. To ensure that we are revegetating, reforesting, regrowing native habitat and planting the future trees of life that will provide the fresh air and oxygen that our children and so much natural life here need to breathe.

We’re being invited to remember the natural sacred connectedness of all of devine creation. To remember both our individual responsibility as a universally unique co-creator being trusted with free will, and our oneness and complete connection with all that is.

From this place of remembering who we are at the heart of our shared humanity, together, we have the power to re-imagine everything. To co-create miracles to change everything for the better in quantum leaps and bounds.

We have the absolute power to make being human free again, as it was in the beginning here in The Sovereign First Nations. Dissolving all of the fraudulent claims and contracts, dissolving all the fraudulent debts and the chains and bars, real and imagined that are being used to enslave humanity and justify the rape and degradation of our Living Mother Earth.

When we stop giving our power to the fraud, and start putting our faith in the truth and taking responsibility for what it is we’re contributing to and co-creating. We the People hold the power to be living our New Dreaming now.

We can free ourselves and each other from all forms of slavery.

We can rearrange all systems to properly follow, serve and protect the honestly informed will of we the people and to do only what is genuinely in the best interests of humanity and our Living Earth.

We can make our entire Earth a safe place for all of our children.

Our New Dreaming has already begun.

The real Original Sovereigns have already declared World Peace – Sep 21st 2021 in The Declaration of The Returning Sovereigns.

The People have declared the restoration of Divine Law under our Creators Divine Domain – Sep 23rd 2021 via the People’s Alliance for Rule of Law, in acknowledgement of our People’s Peace Alliance and the only real Sovereignty here belonging to the 369 Original First Nations.

The People’s Treaty collective declared our Freedom Day here in all 369 Sovereign First Nations on Oct 13th 2021 after the complete cessation of claim to jurisdiction by all systems of corporate government, and law on this continent; Restoring power to the real Original Nations, the Inter-National Land Law Bora Courts, and The People as a matter of public and historic record.

Here in Kuarna and Ngadjuri Nations, our trusted Elders are in full support of our Housing Amnesty for humanity as part of our People’s Peace Alliance.

Our Elders are in full support of an immediate cessation of all COVID control fraudulent mandates.

Our Elders are in full support of an immediate community wide audit and review of all corporate departments claiming ownership and control over our people and our planet.

Starting with the corporate ‘for profit’ controlled Department of Child Protection and The Prisons.

Our Elders are in full support of We the People coming together now in peace to restore divine and natural law and evict the evil foreign powers that have been trespassing here on The Sovereign First Nation soil since the ships arrived and the wigs and uniforms began making their false claims. Ruling through deception, fear and force.

What has been going on here, is 233 years of genocide against The Original Sovereign First Nations People.

This is the truth that holds the power to enable us to set ourselves and each other real world free.

Now’s the time for all who want to be part of our New Dreaming to be holding and joining our People’s Peace Alliance Peace Talks, across all First Nations, and across our Living Earth as a whole.

United in the full light of truth we stand.

#TruthSetsUsFree #FreeHumanity


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