Hospitals That Were Empty Before the BS 19 Jabs Are Now Full From the BS 19 Jabs

Hospitals That Were Empty Before the BS 19 Jabs Are Now Full From the BS 19 Jabs

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Hospitals that were empty before the BS 19 jabs are now full from the BS 19 jabs.

We have hard evidence of massive deaths and injuries from the jab (knowing only 1-10% ever get reported )

And evidence the experimental drug disguised as a quackzinne is full of dangerous substances that have a side effect of death.

And evidence of cover up of deaths and injuries.

Yet we still don’t have any hard evidence of a single death from Bs19 or any evidence anyone has caught it (considering there is no actual test effective kit for it)

We do though have evidence that those claimed of dying by the fake pandemic died from murder or deliberate medical malpractice (think Remedesvir a banned Ebola drug as it killed 54% of trial patients – that’s Fauci and Gates and co sell for $3100 a pop, ventilators which kill 7 out of 10, starvation and dehydration also kill the patients and other co morbitities but never this mysterious virus they can’t show exists.

So it should mean 100% of the population is now aware Bs 19 is an entire scientific fraud (Episode 70 shows the proof in the McIntyre Report…/

Yet, do you still know anyone falling for it still ?

Can you maybe gently reach out to them and tell them to turn the idiot box off, before they become the village idiots,

Australian National Review

Here’s what others had to say: 

Andrew Heinitz
There are a few who still believe in the bs but when they need X amounts of shots then maybe they may wake.Noy sure but hey you never know
Maybe Marburg

Kirsty Black-Fahey
It must be a really serious pandemic if we can sacrifice thousands of health care professionals to help tackle it

Alice Vazanellis
Ridiculous and they think we will all fall for it.

Janine Gaye
I’ve been screaming it from the rooftops but many refuse to open their eyes or indeed their souls.

Dan Gibson
It’s called ‘the great resignation’

Elfyn Thomas
All those behind this scam need to pay whoever they are.

Darren Hansford
That makes sense, wake up.

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