HOA Threatens to Fine Woman Per Day for Flying Her KAG Flag

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A Florida woman was threatened with fines by her neighborhood Home Owner’s Association for flying a Keep America Great flag in support of President Trump. The HOA warned her to take it down or face steep fines of $150 per day until it’s removed. Was she singled out?

Melody Swonger owns a property in Belmont, a sprawling community of newly constructed homes in Ruskin, Florida.

She proudly displays the stars and stripes outside on her front lawn, but the flag beneath it is the one causing the problem. The three words, “Keep America Great,” is the 2020 campaign slogan for President Donald Trump.

Keep America Great Flag Trump

Keep America Great

Swonger first received a letter from the local HOA association stating the current rules and regulations regarding flags in the neighborhood. The rules do indeed limit flags by size and type.

The HOA also said they would begin fining homeowners $150 per day if they ignored the citation. Swonger immediately complied by removing her Trump campaign flag. The HOA rules are as follows:

“Any homeowner may display one portable, removable United States flag or official flag of the State of Florida in a respectful manner and one portable, removable official flag in a respectful manner, not larger than 4 1/2 feet by 6 feet, which represents the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps or Coast Guard or a POW-MIA flag, regardless of any covenants, restrictions, bylaws, rules or requirements of the association.”

After removing her KAG flag, Swonger and her boyfriend took a drive through their upscale neighborhood and noticed something strange. Several other flags were being displayed in front of homes that clearly violate the HOA rules.

One supporting the Arizona Cardinals and another for the Florida Seminoles. Flags of several foreign countries.

HOA says no Trump flag

Swonger suddenly felt singled out by the HOA complaint. She went back home and raised her Keep America Great flag back up. The HOA director of operations responded by telling Swonger, “No one is targeting you. We are contracted to tour the association twice a month. The board has us do this once during the day and one time at night.”

Swonger replied saying that she would gladly remove it if everyone else complied. “Make it the same way for everybody. If it’s one way for me, make it the same way for the people the street over,” she said.

Florida is MAGA country and residents of Belmont don’t seem to mind Swonger showing her support for the President. “You see Canadian flags, you see Israeli flags around here, you see sports flags. You see American flags. I don’t see what’s wrong with seeing another flag under the American flag,” one neighbor said. Is Swonger overreacting? Or is the local HOA being run by anti-Trump Lefties? Time will tell.


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