Heads up – More Flynn Exculpatory Information Likely Today…

An interesting letter from the DOJ provided to the Flynn defense team portends a release of handwritten notes, from the day after the January 24, 2017, Flynn interview, likely authored by Kevin Clinesmith as the FBI discussed next steps.

If the notes are from Kevin Clinesmith, he is the former FBI lawyer from the office of general counsel who was charged by the DOJ for manipulating evidence, and potentially cooperating as part of his plea agreement. [Background] Remember, the DOJ only presented a Criminal Information status against Clinesmith with no grand jury, which suggests counsel for defendant approached DOJ to structure an agreement.  The plea agreement likely also included an agreement for method of public release. [LINK HERE]

During an interview last night, Sidney Powell said more truth-bombs are likely forthcoming.  If Clinesmith is “cooperating”; or if Clinesmith is merely informing the DOJ of activity that took place during the Flynn targeting, which is helping them locate evidence of the background events; this could be very helpful to the defense team.  We await specifics…

UPDATE: Clinesmith (?)  notes released (see below)


The January 25, 2017, notes indicate the majority of the discussion was about the pre-election Turkish lobbying agreement with the Flynn Intel Group.

“Turks + Flynn why hired and what doing about 951?” is a reference to a FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) investigation which was the preferred DOJ-NSD targeting tool for the administration’s political opposition.

[Remember, the DOJ under Obama completely overlooked all of the FARA-951 violations being carried out by the Clinton-aligned Podesta brothers…. which is why Tony Podesta shut down his lobbying agency as soon as it was obvious the DOJ was going to use FARA-951 as the targeting tool for Flynn, Manafort, Papadopoulos etc. The special counsel could not have that glaring hypocrisy visible or it would highlight the political motive]

“Efforts to influence”

“Satisfied registration obligation”

“No indication of [????] wilfulness”

This part of the notes, presumably written by Clinesmith, seems to highlight the Flynn Intel Group had fulfilled the obligations under the FARA requirements; and the discussion was conflicted by non-existing evidence of any unlawful conduct by Michael Flynn.

The notes are during a discussion back-and-forth about how to keep exploring the FARA-951 as a potential attack angle against Flynn and culminate (visibly) with:

“[???] Subpoena for Flynn Intel Group + more”

I cannot make out the name of who is identified as originating that approach.

Here’s a background on what leverage the DOJ holds to entice cooperation from Clinesmith:

[embedded content]


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