Head’s Up – Major Site Maintenance Coming 5:30pm ET – Update: Will Take Longer…

Don’t have time for the details… but a revert to prior CTH function is going to take place at 5:30pm ET today.

There will be a short disruption including the temporary loss of all content  posted after 00:23am on 10/01/20 (yesterday).

According to site engineers the lost content *should* recover within 30 minutes of maintenance.   FYI and keep your fingers crossed…


UPDATE 6:00pm: Reversion is not working as planned.  “Just another update, it looks like the site was running a full backup when we went to revert—which it appears caused the site’s revert to be put on hold until that completed. However, following that, the revert is still not wanting to process. The good news is that nothing on the site has changed as of this point, so you should not be missing any content that needs to be re-imported etc. The bad news is that I’m going to need to have our platform developers take a look at what’s going on here to see why it will not revert to the prior configuration, and then we can lay out next steps for getting the site reverted.” ~WordPress


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