Hackable Human Animals, Jesus is Fake News, BlackRock, and Experiments

(R) Noah Yuval Harari

[A series of emails from G5]

by G5

Lost any link to reality.

The WEF is God and Jesus is fake news.

The 38 anointed run the world.

What can I add? And remember that Pope Franki; and his Church of Satan are part of it.

“God is dead, according to the World Economic Forum, which has also declared that “Jesus is fake news,” and that WEF leaders have “acquired divine powers” to rule over humanity. … Klaus informing us of a new one world religion has arrived and it unites all of humanity in worshipping at the altar of climate science, techno-communism, and eugenics — and his enthusiasm for China. And Klaus Schwab’s right-hand man Noah Yuval Harari has announced that the WEF has been so successful in its plans that it is “acquiring divine powers” of “creation and destruction.”


BlackRock has screwed itself and all who sail with it. Indeed a NWO cometh, but nothing as was planned by the dross.

Watch “BlackRock is LOSING!! The Beginning Of The END!?” on YouTube.

Elon Musk

Either unemployable deranged or dead or injured by unknown causes. Musk has cleared over 3/4, mostly blue-haired, insane power players.

He bought at an overpriced $45 a share. Privatised and deskunged it. It has moved up in value to say $60. He will keep flushing the toilet as they; can’t help themselves; raise their miserable heads.

He will then float the new entity at say $200 and triple his wealth.

As The Zuck has run Arsebook into the ground with a business model and personal delusions based on advanced f**cktardery; it too will fall to Musk.

Gates needs be also trimmed into line. Amazon is also falling apart.

WHO, WEF, The Dems, etc. will have a foundation of impoverished pretenders.

History of Experiments

Watch “These were Japan’s GRUESOME WW2 experiments #morbid #shorts” on YouTube HERE.

Napalm and Agent Orange during Vietnam.

Chlorine and other Bio and Radiation Weapons during Iraq and Syria.

Smallpox against Native Americans.

Hantar Virus in Korea.

Syphilis against Black Americans (Tuskagee).

MKUltra experiments to this day.

The moral filth that is the true history of The US, is yet to be told. But then: those who matter, know. And those who don’t know, don’t matter.

America murdered more entrapped in Germany during WWII than The NAZI Regime they funded. Peenemunde, The Ruhr Valley, Dresden, Cologne, Eisenhower’s secret death camps.

The radiation experiments in Iraq, pale to the genocides of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the sixty fire-bombed cities.

Is any of this the morality to which the sane subscribe?

And then the moral theatrics of Nuremberg, while the greatest criminals are transported to Argentina, or placed in command of the US military and Intel communities.

Reading, Comprehension, and Rational and Critical Thought are not that difficult. Except if one is preoccupied with Infanticide as a woman’s right, the weather being Anthropogenic Climate Change, and the imperatives of token outcomes, personal pronouns, obtuse genderism, and victimhood as a virtue.

Searching For Reality

The media forgot to tell you about the raging civil war between the blacks and the Hispanics in The US. Fortunately, this writer advised you months ago.

An interesting situation leaving the ‘Of Colour’ loons in the wilderness of acceptance. And of course, the pretentious Indian half-castes as Harris are nowhere to be identified. Poor Barry, couldn’t even find a real black. Lucky for racist Joe and his Dixicrats.

The Blacks are practicing infanticide as a religious right. Sanger read them perfectly. Barry’s promotion of the single-parent family, filled the gaols as it would.

Clueless got that one wrong, as he did medical care, token education, and power employment, along with everything else to which he placed his tiny mind.

Joe trying to fraud the good people for paying their real tuition fees, as against the tokens who frauded that one; has had a court hiccup. No matter: we know the hidden politics of that court system.

Barry’s ‘Affordable Care Act’, is as big a load of total bullshit as Joe’s ‘Inflation Reduction Act’. The herds who suck in those fairy tales, can’t be saved from themselves. And what about Barry’s economy busting; Quantitative Easing and Stimulus Packages? If you are going to bullshit, do it large.

Trump delivered long-term funding for Black Colleges. Barry had them queue up once a year for bullshit photo ops. What an unashamed racist. Almost as bad as his puppet, Wallaceite, bussing, segregating, Jim Crow, KKK fan, Joe; the lying, thieving, child fiddler.

So Chucky Boy Schumer: his tantrums are legend; and about which I have written; decides that there are not enough births in the US.

The stats on newborns are down, and those on unexplained deaths have risen dramatically. So The US needs to import Hispanic fertiles.

Syllogism never delivers reality. But reality is not in the libtard playbook of nursery rhymes.

Where is all this going to end? who knows…

Vaccine Injuries


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