GT Online: CCP-Controlled Forbes Ranks Binance Founder Zhao Changpeng as Wealthiest Chinese

Written by: Ping

Translated by: billwilliam

Binance founder Zhao Changpeng is a famous person in the cryptocurrency world. He changes his location as frequently as someone changes clothes, so netizens joke that he’s like a guerrilla. While the founder of Binance likes to play hide-and-seek, he is ranked as the wealthiest Chinese. Meanwhile, it is unusual that Forbes Magazine ranks him on top of the rich Chinese list with a net worth of 90 billion USD.

Since September 4, 2017, seven of Communist China’s agencies including the central bank issued a joint statement that completely prohibits ICOs and bans direct transactions between fiat currency and cryptos. The three major domestic crypto exchanges, OKCoin,, and a Bitcoin exchange, all scuttled their services within Communist China, while Binance is unaffected because its businesses are located abroad. Binance underwent skyrocketing growth, and Zhao Changpeng became a tycoon in the crypto society.

Mr. Miles Guo blew the whistle several times since around November 20 that Binance is colluding with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and has sold customers’ private information to the CCP. The news spreads quickly in the crypto world. Zhao has sold not only the personal information of Chinese citizens but also the personal information of foreigners from other countries, thus inflicting tremendous damage to customers’ privacy. Because of Binance’s collusion with the CCP, many individual customers cannot withdraw their money from the platform, and many customers in mainland China are arrested by the CCP while their personal wellbeing is unknown. More than 60% of Binance’s assets in Singapore have been taken away by the CCP. Yet Binance CEO Zhao continues to play hide-and-seek by hiding in Dubai and even tries to restructure his company. How can he be allowed to stay at large? During the live broadcast, Mr. Miles Guo entrusted fellow David to gather the victims to file a class-action lawsuit against Binance and Zhao Changpeng, using the law to defend the victims’ legal rights. All victims of Binance should contact Mr. David from the New Federal State of China asap.   

Of course, the CCP is well aware of Zhao Changpeng’s current situation. Forbes itself is a magazine bought and controlled by the CCP since long ago. The propaganda on Zhao being ranked the wealthiest Chinese may have an ulterior purpose: as the CCP manipulates from behind the scene, this move not only shows all Chinese people that Zhao owns huge wealth but also incites hatred because Zhao has defrauded the victims’ money in Binance. If Zhao accidentally dies one day, will the death be defined as murder because of personal anger? If Zhao dies, where is his money? Isn’t the case clear by looking at the fate of other super-wealthy Chinese. The CCP’s tactics are surprisingly similar. We recommend Zhao Changpeng to contact the New Federal State of China and to confess the CCP’s evilness so that he can find a way of survival.    

The CCP’s evilness may be inconceivable, but the regime dares to commit all kinds of crimes. The more wealth Zhao has accumulated, the more miserable will be his downfall. The outcome will be bad for him as he colludes with the regime. Anyone who secretly collaborates with the communist party believes he is smart, but he doesn’t know the outcome is destined to be bad for collaborators with the CCP.


Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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