Graphene Quantum Dots are the Living Neural Interface “chip” for NWO AI

Some of the most astute researchers online have all come to one conclusion, our brains are to be microchipped.

Fortunately, there is no chip. Unfortunately, their systems are already in place. COVID19 really is The Great Reset, or your mind.

On January 19, 2023 at this years World Economic Forum in Davos, Nita Farahany of Duke University explained exactly how the the brain interface will work, through frequencies.

Farahany explains; “So you have recognition memory signals that are preconscious and subconscious. And this is part of why it’s been used by governments to interrogate criminals.” They see us as working seamlessly through our interface with the AI.

Here is Vitaliano’s Quantum dot work that uses Clathrin Nanotechnology as the delivery vehicle for the NWOs “Nanochip.” Yes… we have all been chipped using Nanotechnology that is made up of building blocks similar to our own body cells!

These “Qubits” use Ultra High Frequency to communicate, microwave frequency range. They used 5G bandwidth frequencies to specifically “power on” this Nanotechnology! What will happen when the frequencies are turned off? frequencies that cannot maintain human life? Vitaliano does not specifically mention Graphene Oxide or rGO but does state you can use electrically active ions in this this Quantum Information Processing system that uses Clathrin proteins and the delivering Nanotech system. Bottom Line: We have all been chipped!!!

“According to one application, the qubit can be programmed into one of a plurality of logical states by one or more pulses of electromagnetic energy. The frequency of the electromagnetic energy may be, for example, in the radio frequency region, the UHF region, or the microwave region.”

Reduced Graphene Oxide: The Real Problem Behind 5G

These Clathrin Nanobots are specific for nerve cells (neurons):

“clathrin triskelions self-assemble in vitro into a polyhedral lattice (cages) without vesicles, but typically only form cages at physiological pH in the presence of stoichiometric quantities of purified AP-1 or AP-2 adaptor molecules or the neuron-specific assembly proteins AP-180 and auxilin.”

So can you shut down this “Neural Lace” system without shutting down the body? Just how many nerve cells have been infected by these nanobots? How many neurons in your body are still neurons? How many are no longer neurons? And what will you have left when this Neuralink is shut down?

When does a Neuron not know it’s a neuron? When it is being synthesized and grown by Nanotechnology!

The biggest questions I have is are: Has the NWO finally claimed dominion over the human brain? Have they been able to synthesize the human brain from the body’s building blocks? I strongly believe they can control its functions and even read our thoughts.

However, to grow a human brain from scratch (and this is still my opinion) IMPOSSIBLE!

This does explain why the Sheeple remain so passive; we are all pawns in the NWOs MATRIX.

You cannot inhibit the uptake of these Clathrin Nanotechnology because they use proteins specifically produced by neurons to mediate their uptake along with their cargo. Take down 5G or decrease the transmission bandwidths, will that also take down humans that are already “infected” with the nanotechnology?

Is this “Checkmate” or is there hope?

Pink Noise: Deactivating the Clathrin Nanobot

Additional Viewing: Entire WEF Brain Transparency Video


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