Giuliani statement draws cheers from crowd…

To start? Wake up… Understand that what I’ve written doesn’t come equipped with an action item to-do list. Asking ‘what next’ doesn’t work anymore – this has never happened here before. Even the Civil War represented two views of America – this is NOT that. So, steel yourself… Same old, Same old, isn’t coming back – no matter who occupies that House.

I think you know what it implies and if you don’t like hearing it. Good news! You don’t have to! Just tune in to Fox or network news and they’ll tell you whatever you want to hear.

There is nothing to do but watch it all unfold – this is a coup undertaken by the Political and Aristocratic caste. The time for doing isn’t here yet; this is the painful period where the most pig-headed of us watch as their party of last resort surrenders – wholesale – everything we hold dear because their financial masters told them to. Should you vote? Depend on whether you think the vote is rigged. Should you complain? I mean, I guess. Should you protest? Sure… That’ll turn this all around.

If the Boomers did it in the 1960’s, it sure as hell won’t do a thing today – it’s been accounted for and made part of the system.

We live in a complete digital dragnet, we’re already DHS’s number one most lethal threat, and our Party just turned their backs to us. What do we do? Try to survive and pray this evil consumes itself within our lifetime.

The Avengers aren’t coming.


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