Giuliani — ‘Networks don’t decide elections, courts do’…

Giuliani is absolutely right ! But we all know how corrupt the democrat msmedia is.

There is no State Certified Vote Count yet and will not be so for a month, esp with thousands of votes yet to be counted.

There is absolutely no doubt Pres Trump won this election, where Pres Trump’s election ballot vote count total was massively ahead by hundreds of thousands of votes ahead of Biden, where the odious ballot vote count was corrupted by democrat leftists, altered, stolen with massive illegal ballot dumping in the middle of the night suddenly erasing Pres Trump’s massive vote ballot count lead .. along with their malicious voting machine software that changed Trump votes to Biden.. and Democrat City and County physical ballot vote counters refused to allow Republican vote watchers near the vote counters, defying Court Orders.

Pres Trump must directly order a Federal Election Vote Ballot Audit and a DOJ criminal election voter fraud investigation in PA, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, NC, Georgia, and Nevada who have coordinated and carried out a massive electoral ballot dumping cheating fraud on the nation.

Republican State Legislatures must certify the election vote count as fraudulent, and legislate their respective State’s Electors go to Pres Trump.

This infamous democrat election fraud scandal will go down as the worst election scandal in US history.


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