Giuliani laughs in reporter’s face…

… silence equals complicity.

The greatest coverup in human history, those complicit aiding and abetting the crime of the century, the Harris-Biden coup are, as follows:

1). the mainstream media (e.g., CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Disney, Comcast, AT&T, et alia) –
– e.g., not a single peep out of America’s mainstream media, regarding election fraud (e.g., not Spain’s, nor France’s, nor Italy’s, nor Germany’s, nor the UK’s) –

2). social media (e.g., Apple; Google; Facebook; Twitter) –
– e.g., the most egregious, intensive degree of censorship in America, since TWA flight 800 –

3). every law enforcement agency in America (e.g., ATF; DEA; FBI; INTERPOL; CIA; GCHQ; NSA; et alia) –
– e.g., never have heads ever been buried, so deeply into the sand –

4). every one of them hopelessly corrupted, your entire state and federal legislatures –
– e.g., ultimate responsibility for free ‘n fair elections encharged to your legislature, a crime of this scale, no room for argument, Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer, and McCarthy had to have had a hand in it –

If they aren’t screaming and yelling about it? That’s how you definitively know who’s in on it, who’s not.


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