Giant Vaccinators, Global Dictators and The People Who Refused To Be Sheeple

by Dee McLachlan

In 2013, eight years ago, I produced a couple of kid’s books to awaken the kids… and their parents. I produced five, with my favourite being…

The People Who Refused To Be Sheeple

I read through it this morning. How prophetic it has turned out. The rhymes weave through various “sheeple” themes. I had no idea the “giant vaccination” and the “global dictator” would roll out in 2020.

I have started a few pages into the book and added a few of the illustrations (by Niharika Singh).

If you ask my advice
As an expert on sheeple
We’d better do something
To save all the people 
They plotted,
“We’ll turn minds to mush
With advertised bunk
In bright colored boxes
We’ll sell them our junk We’ll decide what they’re drinking
And do them no favors
We’ll poison their thinking
With flouride and flavors.”
“We’ll make farting a crime
Wearing helmets a must
Create fear, then solutions
So in us they trust.” They know
Sheeple are people
But with one little twist
The brains of the sheeple
No longer resist

The Covid Lockstep plan…

“Each flock of Sheeple
Will have it’s own leader
And follow the rules
From our main control-feeder.” You see, sheeple are people
But with one little chink
With brains now so feeble
They can’t really think

The canceling of Youtube channels and Facebook posts

Leader’s lies…

So I say,
Watch out for the people
Who don’t seem quite true
Have they switched into sheeple?
And are trying to switch you? So if your leader or King
Has sly shifty eyes
Beware of them spinning
Their words into lies


If you ask my advice
As an expert on this
The elite’s sheeple-plan
Will not end in bliss They’ll want all the sheeple
To be boxed and restrained
And be rid of the people
Who refuse to be trained

Sheeple are fearful
So they’ll bring in more laws
They’ll scare them with terror
And send them to wars They’ll say,
“Don’t dare get them thinking
Don’t dare let them question
We’ll have them believing
It was their suggestion.”

5G rollout…

Mobiles and meters
Your freedoms will store
Before you blink twice
It’s like 1984 They are taking the world
To a dark twisted place
Where sheeple are slaves
And there’s no human race

The Giant Vaccinator… and a Global Dictator (and the global currency)

Problems they’ll solve
With a giant vaccinator
And control all your lives
With a global dictator “We’ll create a new dollar”
Boast the banking elite.
But beware of their plot
It’s all lies and deceit

Graphene oxide…

And a sheeple at birth
Will be chipped like your dog
No more than a number
In a post-people epilogue Now, if you ask my advice
As an expert on sheeple
We’d better do something
To save all the people

We’d better do something
To curb people’s plight
Their fortunes are shrinking
The elite seem too bright So, put a scheme into place
To change sheeple thinking
And stop the human race
Into slavery sinking.

Illustrated by Niharika Singh, Written under the pseudonym by Dalia Mae Lachlan, with some additional Lyrics by Tricia Church.


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