Georgia residents, Vernon Jones are at the Capital demanding a meeting with the Secretary of State

Democratic Rep. Vernon Jones speaks to a crowd of President Trump supporters outside the Georgia State Capital Wednesday (Nov. 19,2020) Photo provided by Ben Hendrick for

Georgia residents marched to the State Capitol with Democratic Rep.Vernon Jones leading the way Wednesday shouting “stop the steal’ and demanding a meeting with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Jones, a supporter of President Donald Trump, said the integrity of the Georgia election has been shaken, as more and more irregularities have been disclosed. Moreover, the discovery of thousands of ballots that were not uploaded into the voting system is stunning evidence that the state may need to conduct a thorough investigation into what happened.

Raffensperger has come under fire for accusing fellow Republicans, including Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina, and others for saying they were pressuring him into throwing out legally cast absentee ballots, in an effort to reverse President Trump’s narrow loss in the state.

Ben Hendrick, a cyber security expert and GOP observer, who worked the Cobb County recount facility over the weekend, told me that Republicans are demanding an investigation into the missing ballots and irregularities. He marched alongside Jones at the rally on Wednesday.

He said frustration is mounting in Georgia and the GOP is doing everything it can to ensure that every legitimate vote counts.

“We want Gov. Kemp to hold a special session with the legislature before we certify the vote,” said Hendrick.

President Trump supporters, along with Georgia residents, went to the Capitol Wednesday demanding to speak to the Secretary of State about the irregularities in the general election.(video provided by Georgia resident Ben Hendrick)

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