From Libertarians To Nationalists, Millennials Are Shaping The New Right

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Washington Examiner commentary writer Tiana Lowe joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss her recent article, “Hillbilly Elegy hate proves J.D. Vance’s importance to conservatism,” and how millennials from a wide range of positions within the right are reshaping it.

“I think that millennials have to stop letting boomers and specifically the boomer establishment hijack every movement that actually comes from the grassroots,” Lowe said.

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According to Lowe, there are many opportunities for conservative and libertarian millennials to capitalize on their generation’s distrust in elite institutions and use it to reshape the party to unite against power-hungry, money-grabbing universities and human rights abuser communist China.

“There could be some unity where we see an inherently unfair system,” Lowe said. “In a sane world, China should be the unifying issue.”

“Quite frankly, there is a niche issue for everyone in there,” she added.


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