Freedom with a hint of Alex Jones…

Alex Jones is a fighter who stands for freedom and this country. He is not like a lot of Internet trolls who anonymously criticize and divide or Corporate Media trolls who confuse and obfuscate and secretly kow tow to globalist and Chinese masters. Ask the Americans from Cuba, Russia, China, Vietnam, East Germany, Poland, and Eastern Europe what it is like to live under Communism. Or just read Orwell! It is the Democrats who have lived on the Dark Side. From supporting Slavery, Segregation and Jim Crow, the Endless War, the assassination of JFK, the killing of Seth Rich, the lies of Libya and Benghazi, and now the subjugation of America to a Chinese Virus. We will not submit! We are all Spartacus! We are all Alex Jones! We are all Donald Trump! We are all Rush Limbaugh! We are all Sean Hannity and Marc Levin! We are all patriots. To hell with your petty lies! We the People…


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