#FreeBritney: What The Plight Of Britney Spears Says About Our Culture

On today’s edition of Federalist Radio, staff writers Tristan Justice and Jordan Davidson join Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky for a discussion on the #FreeBritney movement, Britney Spears’ conservatorship, stan cultures, and the millennial love for conspiracy theories.

While there’s some speculation over the past, present, and future of Spears’s conservatorship, Justice says there’s no denying that her influence reaches a wide audience and creates an enthusiastic fan base.

“Being an iconic pop star for so long, you’re going to build a following and you’re obviously going to build a subset of that following who is obsessed with you,” he notes.

This group of obsessive fans may also demonstrate implications about culture and the way social media mobilizes movements.

“I think it really does point to this culture that maybe not everyone understands or wants to understand, but that maybe we should look into…These fans have mobilized this movement that’s gaining national press and giving it a footing,” Davidson explains.

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