Food and Fear

(L) Yemeni millions starving for political reasons today, Photo:

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

 Our western democracies, of which we were once so proud, appear to be collapsing – rapidly. A new authoritarianism is gaining popularity. Divisiveness among citizens has become a sport. The media keep offering fictitious events as news, and won’t cover the real event, which is the global takeover.

Folks are scared. I speak for myself – I’m scared. I presume that the two “major events” – Covid and an election crisis – are small peanuts. The real event is the takeover, also called The Great Reset. To make it happen, the “owners” will use something as fantastic as nuclear bombs – or a high-tech equivalent.

Recall that Dr Richard Day said in 1969 that we would get used to seeing dead bodies on the street. Also, note that the Rockefeller Foundation’s 2014 booklet, called Scenarios, portrays a fictional pandemic that supposedly happened in 2012.  I quote:

“Even the most pandemic-prepared nations were quickly overwhelmed when the virus streaked around the world, infecting nearly 20 percent of the global population and killing 8 million in just seven months, the majority of them healthy young adults…. [The flow of goods]  “screeched to a halt…breaking supply chains…” [Emphasis added]

I notice that some of the Republican Party lawsuits against election fraud are finally gaining strength. It strikes me that the ballot fixers would not, in the past, have been so blatant in their law-breaking.  I suspect they got blatant in order to provoke a crisis.

If so, additional pressure will be used.  Those throngs that marched in London, Berlin, Dublin, and Melbourne, will be treated more violently, perhaps by drones.

Recall that in 2001, a very well-planned takeover occurred. People, frightened by stories of “crazy Arab terrorists,” gave up their rights and accepted the idea of government keeping them safe. The traumatic 9-11 event killed off the fighting spirit of citizens and rendered us docile. At the time, the critics who spoke were labeled “conspiracy nuts,” but they weren’t shot dead.  Now they will be.

The power holders know how lacking we are in the ability to close ranks and fight off a top group in our own society.  I call it the Daddy problem. In 2020, folks have once again latched onto the childish notion that “Daddy” (i.e., political leaders and “health experts”) care about them and will do the right thing.

The world has accepted the pandemic as being a natural event, although many experts show otherwise. No one wants to arrest Daddy.

Food Is the Real Issue

My formal education in the 1970s included a heavy dose of sociobiology (the genetics of social behavior in animals and man). Thus, I tend to see the human race as a species of mammal. It strikes me as a basic fact that, for the typical mammal, the day’s main activity consists of getting food.

As recently as ten generations ago, most human individuals spent their workday getting food. That is, they tilled the land or engaged in fishing or other means of gleaning nourishment from the environment, for self and family.

Everyone – absolutely everyone — has to eat a certain number of calories per day. (You can survive without food for 28 days at the most.)  The job of food-raising, however, has been modernized to such a degree that only a small fraction of people is engaged in it today.

Being a city-dweller, I have never planted or harvested a crop, or even picked fruit from trees or collected eggs from hens. Yet I can get my daily calories by waltzing into a supermarket that is miraculously stocked with food. How so? Like most city people, I get money from doing other kinds of work and then spend the money to buy the food.

I am stuck in a big system of exchange – as is everyone. That used to be seen as a good thing, even a beautiful thing. You could work in any occupation and together we somehow created a great society with a complex division of labor. Honesty was one of the values that kept it flowing.

Do you remember “The Village Blacksmith” by Longfellow?

… His brow is wet with honest sweat,
He earns whate’er he can,
And looks the whole world in the face,
For he owes not any man….

Toiling, rejoicing, sorrowing,
Onward through life he goes;
Each morning sees some task begin,
Each evening sees it close….

The life of the village blacksmith did not include a Federal Reserve Bank, a thoroughly corrupt judiciary, a fake news media, the IMF, mind control, or a “war on terror.”

Those things came about because some humans, acting in concert, figured out how to take advantage of the multitude. People say the rich got greedy. More likely, they became obsessed with control.

Orwell’s “Room 101” where you will be tortured, Photo:

Power, Control, Deceit — To Save Their Skin

I believe the driving force of that obsession was, and still is, to make it difficult for “the multitude” to strike back at them. That’s how it is with male hierarchies in many species.  When an alpha achieves his alpha-hood, it is not all roses for him. He has to work hard not to fall – painfully – from the perch.

When you read the writings of today’s top echelon, you see that they justify their vision of world dominance by some neutral or altruistic explanation. Hmm. Don’t you believe it. They too have a subconscious – they know they are in trouble. (Thousands of them against billions of us!)

Also, it’s likely that their massive deceitfulness today is largely self-deceit. Poor things.

Thanks to the vividness of the pandemic-related Reset  of the global economy, it’s now easy for us to perceive the overall picture of social control. There is coordinated control of the whole human race by a few men who have successfully taken over: finance, government, courts, education, medicine, agriculture, transport and trade, and media. Oh, and military.

Fear of Losing One’s Job Is the Real Controller

Plainly the US government has been bought out — to the extent that our politicians are not even thinking about opposing the current global takeover. Rather, they are assisting it with a smile.

Every day, some new part of our rights and our values gives way to the steamroller. No official seems to give a hoot. You could even say they seem hypnotized. Possibly they are hypnotized and so, maybe, are we.  I refer to a kind of hypnosis that is generated internally. We shut down all thought and turn on the survival mechanism instead.

As I said, food is a very serious issue. Today most of us are not in an agricultural occupation – and don’t even have a small plot of land on which to grow food. This is a huge factor in survivorship. The need for calories is always with us, and the way to negotiate is by work and money.

Although some percent of politicians, judges, doctors, and teachers “know better” than to go along with the pandemic nonsense, they also know – deep down – that if they speak out, they will lose their job. And if they lose their job, they won’t be able to put food on the table for family or self.

(It particularly galls me when professional associations – for example, the AMA – help their members justify silence by conveying the idea that loyalty to the association itself is the moral way to go. Even this, however, is really just a survival tactic for the members.)

We won’t be able to have a democracy – self-government of society — much longer. “Reasoning” is essential for democratic decision making, but with everyone not telling the truth, there will be no way to put reason into our decisions.   Lies make for havoc.

Even our overlords ought to see that this is going to mess them up, too.

Recap and Recommendation

To recap: over time, control of the human race has fallen into a few hands. Unscrupulousness of the controllers was a factor. – but the unwillingness of the masses to believe Daddy would harm them is also a factor. Generally, we are unwilling to punish any wrongdoer who has impressive credentials.

Although this is partly due to adoration of the elite, it is also due to a deep-down awareness that speaking out against power-holders is dangerous. It will cause a loss of one’s job and thus of one’s food.

When we were food growers, we were not quite so vulnerable to being controlled. As city dwellers we are vulnerable. Instead of reasoning about this, we hop into a hypnotic-like survival mode.

Food and fear are the real reasons why we let the baddies “get away with” their amazing depredations. Please think about that. It is a biological fact.

We are mammals and some of our conspecifics are preying on us. Why pretend that is not happening? We should be attacking the predators.  We ought to correct our knee-jerk fear habit and get sensible.

In addition to being mammals, we are also brilliant little creatures who have long been able to share thoughts— “to argue it out.”  Has this talent disappeared? No, it can’t disappear, as it is biologically underwritten in H sapiens brain.

Holding Elites to Account?

For the last fifteen years, I have been specifically studying our unwillingness to punish wrongdoers if they are elites.

My 2011 book, Prosecution for Treason, fell stillborn from the press. No one wants to think about prosecuting any official, no matter how egregious his or her treachery against the nation. (The target of that book was legislators.)   My 2015 book, Fraud Upon the Court, and subsequently my 2019 book, Reunion: Judging the Family Court, easily showed that judges are also treasonous in their rulings.

But people just can’t take it in. This is not the fault of the political system but of human nature. Instinct gives direction to our actions much more than our conscious mind does.

Our adoration of power figures also extends to any elite. We are not readily going to turn off this psychological propensity. But doing it (i.e., actually punishing a high-up person) would help – it would make the hands-off routine look surmountable. It is actually surmountable.

Will bloodshed be involved?  Of course – it has been involved for a long time, though one-sidedly. My 2020 book, Grass Court, inventories many ways for us to get out of this mess.

The “nice” thing to remember is that you will be helping the idiots at the top, too. They are not happy campers.

Anyway, hurry.


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