FNC’s Hilton: Trump’s COVID Recovery ‘a Powerful Symbol of America’s Recovery’

Fox News Channel’s Steve Hilton, on his Sunday show “The Next Revolution,” reacted to President Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis and his recovery.

Hilton argued Trump’s recovery from COVID is “a powerful symbol of America’s recovery,” slamming 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for “hiding in his basement.”

“The president’s recovery is a powerful symbol of America’s recovery,” Hilton stated. “Yes, he got the virus because he was out there fighting for the future of the country, not hiding in a basement. He’s been saying for months we need to be open, not closed, that we’ve got to beat the virus, not surrender to it. Of course, that has risks, but that’s the American way — to take risks, so you get a bigger reward, and we are seeing that now with the recovery that is faster than Europe, stronger than anyone was predicting. President Trump is a living symbol of that positive can-do spirit. People are free to disagree with it, but it’s a clear contrast with Biden. It gives voters a clear choice.”

“If the president’s recovery continues, if he shows a new, more positive and more human side, as he has been doing this weekend and leaves the attacks on Biden to his surrogates, it will focus attention on what everyone wants to see: recovery. President Trump’s recovery, achieved in no small part because of the actions he took to get new treatments available, as a living symbol of America’s recovery. A massive contrast with the weak defeatism of Joe Biden and his threat of another shutdown. Beating the virus, bringing back the economy, recovery with Trump, or relapse with Biden,” he concluded.

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