Florida church plans on hosting drag show for minors

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An event promotion flyer demonstrated that the Naples United Church of Christ, located in Naples, Florida, plans on hosting a “Youth Pride Conference” on May 21 and is expecting children from ages 12-18 to attend.

The flyer states the event as “an exploration of LGBTQ-related issues affecting today’s youth,” and will feature a drag-show, where people dress as members of the opposite sex. The flyer also stated that free transportation will pick up attendees from Immokalee and Golden Gate Middle Schools.

“The District was never informed nor contacted about this event. CCPS [Collier County Public Schools] is not a sponsor of the event, which is being held at a private facility. CCPS also neither authorized nor approved the transportation of CCPS students to and from district school sites by the event organizers. Any inference to the contrary is fully rejected by CCPS,” Collier County School District officials told Florida’s Voice.

Rev. Dawson B. Taylor, senior minister of the Naples United Church of Christ, is currently under investigation due to attempting to host a secret “gay prom” event for students in April 2022.

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