Flashback: Harris Said America ‘should have that conversation’ About Felons In Prison Getting Right To Vote. She’s No Centrist

Former California Attorney General Sen. Kamala Harris may have been too tough on petty crime criminals but don’t be fooled. She’s not a centrist and many of her views appear to align with the radical left. ‘

In fact, some go hand in hand with socialist Democrat Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Here’s one example that’s been resurfaced since presumptive Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden selected Harris for his running mate: her appearance last year on CNN’s Town Hall. In one exchange with CNN’s Don Lemon in April, 2019, Harris is asked if felons, including the Boston Marathon bomber, should be given the right to vote from prison.

The felons comprised those that committed sexual, as well as aggravated assault, and even prisoners from death row, stated Lemon.

Harris responded that yes, America “should have that conversation.”

What? Does anyone with common sense even for one minute think that a felon should be given the right to vote from prison?

Harris also explained her role as an advocate that fights for voting rights for those who have already served their sentences saying, “I agree that the right to vote is one of the very important components of citizenship and it is something that people should not be stripped of needlessly is why I have been a long advocate of making sure that formerly incarcerated are not denied a right to vote.”

She went onto say that in some states former felons are permanently deprived the right to vote and it is an issue that she wishes to change.

“These are policies that go back to Jim Crowe, these are policies that go back to the policies of disenfranchisement,” she said.

It’s strange that these are her positions on the issue when she was highly criticized before for her stringent prosecution of minor crimes and her failure in California to investigate police officer related shootings. She was highly criticized for her lack of action.

Read this excerpt from The New York Times

Indeed, an examination of that record shows how Ms. Harris was far more reticent in another time of ferment a half-decade ago.

Since becoming California’s attorney general in 2011, she had largely avoided intervening in cases involving killings by the police. Protesters in Oakland distributed fliers saying: “Tell California Attorney General Kamala Harris to prosecute killer cops! It’s her job!”

Watch Harris and Lemon below. Decide for yourself what trajectory our nation would take if she and former Vice President Joe Biden were elected to the White House.

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