FL forced to close COVID treatment sites after FDA revoked authorization for ‘lifesaving antibody treatments’

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made a very controversial decision angering many in the state of Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis tweeted on the matter Tuesday morning writing, “Without a shred of clinical data to support its decision, the Biden Administration has revoked the emergency use authorization for lifesaving monoclonal antibody treatments.”

In a follow-up Tweet, the Governor added, “Floridians have benefited from the state’s treatment sites and their access to treatment shouldn’t be denied based on the whims of a floundering president.”

A press release from the Florida Department of Health stated, “this evening, without any advanced notice, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revised the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for bamlanivimab / etesevimab and REGEN-COV. The revised EUAs do not allow providers to administer these treatments within the United States.”

Florida was effectively forced to shut down its sites administering monoclonal antibodies, which have been widely used as supplemental treatment, once the FDA revoked its authorization for distribution.

“Unfortunately, as a result of this abrupt decision made by the federal government, all monoclonal antibody state sites will be closed until further notice” the press release continues. National Review reports on the rocky relationship between Florida and the Biden administration as it relates to monoclonal treatments:

The development comes after Florida surgeon general Joseph Ladapo accused the Biden administration of intentionally restricting the circulation of Covid-19 therapeutics. Governor Ron DeSantis had launched dozens of antibody-treatment sites as part of the state’s strategy to defeat the disease.

The federal government is “actively preventing the effective distribution of monoclonal antibody treatments,” Ladapo wrote in a letter to Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra in December.

The Biden administration had reportedly suspended shipments of Covid-19 antibody treatments, which can shorten severity and duration of illness in those who contract the virus, amid mounting evidence that they had been rendered ineffective by the Omicron variant.

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