FBI Official Collusion with CCP

We will figure it out with the FBI guys. Why did he start the investigation based on false leads. Who sent you guys? Who reported this?

【Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights】 2022.1.17 FBI Official Collusion with CCP


Let me tell you something you may not know. During the pandemic of 2020, I was recording for a show up there. I said we prepared masks and prepared disinfectants. Just in this house where I am now. Three days later, FBI was at my door, showed up abruptly. This is impossible in the US. There were no legal procedures. He said, President Trump declared a special regulation during that time, so, he can come around without following the legal procedures. He said, some informants reported that you are hoarding a huge amount of  what was defined as war time assets.

FBI was here. Police was here as well. Our lawyers made contacts right away. Bodyguards came over. So, we said, go ahead and take a look around. Look at the gloves and disinfectants in the garage. I never told you guys about it. They asked who you donated these to. I provided them a list of churches and hospitals, which covered the whole place of Connecticut where I lived. I was the only one who donated masks, donating this stuff in representation of the Rule of the Law Foundation.

They double checked and all were correct. They apologized and left. Do you know who did this? Only people inside FBI can have this power to do this kind of things. Richard from FBI was the former partner of my previous bodyguard company.  The current partner of Bruno Wu. The investigator of PAG. He was the boss of the whole Manhattan area who almost became the director of FBI. No.3 guy of FBI.

Do you see his Hermes tie? He was the guy watching dancing girls with Bruno Wu in Mongolian tents. He was also involved in the PAG case. Don’t you think this is conflict of interests? Don’t you see this as conflict of interests. We will figure it out with the FBI guys. Why did he start the investigation based on false leads? Who sent you guys? Who reported this?

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