EXCLUSIVE: Ontario docs asked to track unvaccinated patients

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Earlier this year a document made the rounds online that appeared to be from Ontario Health requiring action from primary care providers incentivizing them to promote COVID-19 vaccines and track those who were unvaccinated.

If you would like to view my original report questioning the credibility of this grainy document, please click here.

Previously I had filed an access to information request to verify its credibility. You can support that work at Rebel Investigates.

Now that I’ve obtained both pages from the Ministry of Health directly, it proves that this letter is in fact real.

Read for yourself:

It basically asks doctors to track unvaccinated patients and conduct outreach to further entice them to receive the COVID-19 injectables.

Providing both talking point support and financial incentives to physicians under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) by way of billing codes, this letter is full of various persuasion techniques.

The letter stipulates that that not only is Ontario Health aiming to keep track of unvaccinated patients but they are also “using evidence based approaches including motivational interviewing and the PrOTCT Framework to persuade patients who need extra reassurance that they are making the right decision to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.”

The PrOTCT Framework part of the ProTCT PLAN. It is a resource for physicians to engage in COVID-19 discussion with their patients. The aim is to “help approach these [vaccine] conversations thoughtfully to achieve a positive, effective interaction that builds trust while sharing important information.”

That’s our Ontario tax dollars hard at work.

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