Exclusive: Carter Page Reacts To Clinesmith Guilty Plea, Says There’s More To Come





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On Thursday’s episode of “The Sara Carter Show,” Former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page first reacted to the news of former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith’s guilty plea before a federal court this week. Clinesmith could face up to six months in prison for altering the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants used to spy on Page in order to obtain dirt on the Campaign, which he admitted to before the Judge.

Page told Carter of Clinesmith’s plea, “Sara, to me and I think, as you’ve been correctly reporting accurately for years now. I’m still not sure now why you haven’t received a Pulitzer prize for your incredible work whereas a lot of people from the New York Times and Washington Post have, but… as you’ve been saying for a long time, there’s a lot more to come.”

He added, “And I think what’s really nice about what happened last Friday. It really was a turning point. And if you read those five pages in the charging document against Mr. Clinesmith and the elements to that… there’s a lot of interesting clues and… having lived through it, I know there’s a lot more interesting clues as well… This is definitely another indication that there should be so much more to come.”

Moreover, Page says he’s feeling more “optimistic” about what’s to come from U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the now-debunked ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.


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