Exclusive: Baggage chaos and desperate travellers at Toronto’s Pearson airport.

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Rebel News journalist Lincoln Jay went to investigate for himself the disaster unfolding in Canada’s largest and busiest airport, Toronto Pearson.

For weeks, Pearson has been the site of chaos, disarray and long weights, as the international flight hub struggles with new Liberal-assigned responsibilities as a biomedical travel testing facility.

The Liberal government laid off hundreds of airport screening staff across the country due to a failure to divulge COVID vaccination status. Thousands more were laid off as a cost saving measure.

What Lincoln found in his investigation was luggage scattered everywhere unattended in the baggage claim area.

Lincoln spoke to one woman who has taken her family’s luggage fiasco into her own hands:

The Liberal government recently announced a task force dedicated to uncorking the bottleneck happening in Pearson and a similar one at Canadian passport offices.

No Liberal MPs on the task force are responsible for transportation, tourism and travel portfolios.

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