Establishing a Future Punishment Regime, and a Watch List

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by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

My theme for this article is that it is wrong for us to know what is coming down the pike and yet do nothing to prevent it. In the olden days we lacked the kind of instant communication to deal with it. Thus, in 1945, we let the Bretton Woods guys create the World Bank, saying that it was “a cure for currency destabilization.”  Geez, we were so naive and uninformed. But today, we do know what the Bozos are getting up to with the financial system, so why not stop them?

Likewise, we should act smartly (that’s ‘smartly’ as in quickly) to crack down on the many purveyors of poison. I especially mean the vax poison, but there are many other poisons coming at us. There is the poison of wrongful education for schoolkids, of inciting war, of outrageous surveillance, and the wholesale poisoning of truth.

And yes, we know the various explanations for our being oh so helplessly unable to proceed. “We’re hampered by the media giants, the covert agencies, the phony judges, the perfidious legislators.” But wait, those aren’t justifications — they are excuses.

Future Punishment

I want to name a solution, but I haven’t had time to find a good name for it — let me label it “future punishment” for the moment. Here’s how it could work. Say that we hear that Bill Gates, is planning to come out with yet another vaccine, and the head of the CDC will most likely add it to children’s pre-school vax schedule. We know it will be bad. We know it hasn’t happened yet, and Gates-and-CDC may swear that it won’t ever happen. But we can list it for a Watch.

Lack of proof that something is occurring doesn’t mean we have to sit on our hands. That would be absurd. Granted, it’s wrong to charge someone with a crime he did not yet commit. That’s a good thing — you would not want to be arrested based on somebody’s speculation. But the law is not stupid — there is the entire law of self-defense. In many states it’s permissible for you to citizen’s-arrest a guy for a felony he is poised to commit. And police often arrest based on profiling.

Despite the availability of existing means of, say, capturing Anthony Fauci for genocide, I’m here to spell out new legislation, which we can make from the ground floor.

The proposed new “law” would say, in very general terms: “When it is apparent that something is in the works that society would never condone, and the imagined perpetrators, being powerful, are not easy to catch red-handed, they can be slated for punishment now, in advance, should they proceed to do it.’ (I mean the actual lash won’t be administered now — we are scripting it, so to speak, in order to make them less likely to proceed.)

Note: Prof G Blakely of Notre Dame Law School, born 1936, invented the RICO method of catching hard-to-catch racketeers and mafias. Congress obliged by signing the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act of 1970. You have to establish that two or more people are sharing an enterprise, and that at least two crimes have been committed.

Also, there are Letters of Marque. This is like legitimizing a bounty hunter, to go find someone who is breaching parole, and turn them in for a fee. Most states allow this. In olden days, a person such as Sir Francis Drake ran ships, known as privateers, to catch Spanish pirates and be entitled to the spoils. Drake would have got a Letter of Marque from the king to legalize it in advance. See?

The US Constitution allows Congress to issue a letter of Marque. Article I, sec 8, clause 11 says “Congress shall have the power to… grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal.” Rep Ron Paul suggested we use it to let a private person capture Osama bin Laden (but he was ignored).

Note: A possible objection to my plan has to do with picking out a particular citizen and attainting him. Article I, sec 9, Clause 3 says “No bill of Attainder … shall be passed. Thus the legislation would not name the name, but a citizen’s group can announce that So-and-So is on its Watch list. I believe the Watchee will not sue that group for defamation as this would allow the full slog of Discovery.

What’s Done Is Done

I repeat that my proposal is for a Future Punishment Regime, for acts not yet performed. During Covid we saw things go from bad to worse. Early on, we could have prevented many unconstitutional plandemic laws from being passed, such as laws to mandate quarantine and laws to mandate mask-wearing. But they did pass, based on the public’s ignorance or fear, or legislators’ stalwart corruption. Then came the vaccines and new laws unconstitutionally (and unconscionably) forced many people to get vaxxed.

The normal treatments, such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, got banned by law — for the purpose of allowing untested vaxes to be used for emergency. Is that criminal or what. Then people got gagged by media for speaking truth about the vax, or ivermectin, and media turned up the volume of its lies. In the next phase, it could be discerned by many capable citizens and doctors, that the whole shindig is a genocide. Thousands died from the vax, yet no official came  forward to say Stop the vax.

My proposal is not about the stuff that already happened. All of that can be taken care of by existing law. (And believe me, it can be taken care of.) What I recommend us that from today forward we don’t repeat the ridiculous behavior by which we appear to worship the rich, the famous, and the government-entitled. Just think of them as ordinary criminals (shop lifters, drug dealers, muggers, etc). When one set of people commits a lot of crime, experts can think up efficient ways to apply the law to them. Again, think of RICO.

Any district attorney can, right now, bring the genocidalists to book, for crimes already committed. She won’t, though. She is too chicken, or is hypnotized, or whatever. So to imbue the arrest with a sort of “new” feature, I am saying that we should announce in advance that if So-and-So commits the named offense, he will be greeted immediately by what would have been called in medieval times a panel of pitchforkers. I am calling this feature a “Future Punishment Regime.”

This FPR may feel a bit like a preemptive strike: “We’ll arrest the arsonist before he sets the barn on fire.” But it’s more like “We have every reason to believe you are going to set the barn on fire and so we are watching you closely and when you take a step in the direction of it, we seize you.” The names of our suspects, and the crime each has been warned of, will be publicized.

These nominees have asked for it. Pfizer’s statement that “Vaccines are safe and effective” is a great example, as no testing was done so the safety was unknowable. (Actually, it was knowable to a fault if you receive my meaning.) My FPR is sort of a gimmick. Its purpose is to make the suspects nervous and to embolden the panelists. And to make the rest of  us stop thinking humanity has ended.

Will the World Takeover Reveal All Leaders in Cahoots?

Let’s not be sitting ducks for the globalist takeover. Recall the 1906 Protocols of the Elders of Zion:

“To sum up our system of keeping the governments in Europe in check . . . we shall respond with the guns of America or China or Japan. When we at last definitely come into our kingdom [it will be] by the aid of coups d’état prepared everywhere for one and the same day…. With this purpose we shall slay without mercy all who take up arms to oppose our coming into our kingdom.”

Please don’t get your knickers in a knot about “Jews.” The Protocols authors were, I think, a mixed bag. And the entire wall of censorship, with threats to get you for anti-Semitism, may have been ingeniously put in place by anyone. I wish Jews would recognize that and be angry about the whispering campaign.

That said, here is another example like the barn-arsonist. The globalists have said they will arm themselves in such a way as to defeat the 8 billion of us. Where are getting the arms? If you know, tell us and we can put out a Watch. Subsequently, if the suspects then go near the barn with so much as a cigarette lighter….

Ask Solzhenitsyn

If we don’t take some advance action like the FPR, we will be full of regret at our stupid inaction. As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said, “How we burned in the camps.” Sitting there in chains, forever, the Russian men in the Gulag kept going over and over how they might have taken action earlier.

Here are the “Cliff Notes” (actually, the enotes) of “The Gulag Archipelago: 1918- 1956”:

“Solzhenitsyn depicts the lives and experiences of the millions of people wrongfully imprisoned and facing horrible conditions in Soviet gulags. He describes their [background of] passive acceptance of their position, doing little more than writing petitions and appeals …  Solzhenitsyn highlights how arresting officers made arrests carelessly and without cause, for they had no need to worry about resistance due to the general compliance of those targeted.”

Dear Reader, this whole thing is sooo ridiculous. While I give the Planners credit for trying so hard for decades to achieve a One World Government, their finished product will be a pastiche of ugliness, meanness, and meaninglessness. Actually, they’ve said that that’s what they want, but they themselves won’t enjoy it!

Sociobiologically, I think their entire construction of world government has as its sole purpose to save them from us.

A Q&A about the Proposed “Future Punishment Regime”

  1. Why did Mary come up with this FPR idea?
  2. Because she is sad to see journalists and activists doing such so much good reporting of our big issues, yet include no solutions. Mary tried to craft something new that is based on law and the American tradition and smacks of law, justice, authority, whatever. (As opposed to “Just go kill the bastards.”)
  3. Does Mary think something is about to hit the fan?
  4. Hasn’t it been hitting yonder fan for three years, just in terms of the plandemic? Lately, the talk of financial collapse raises the memory of Dr Day’s 1969 hint that the takeover could happen in a snowstorm. Think how blatant was the WEF’s Great Reset demand that we close small businesses. And they did get closed. And this year many food-processing plants “inexplicably” had fires.
  5. Whom would Mary like to “futurize”?
  6. She would start with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Johns Hopkins scientists, as there they are, perched at their microphones, babbling on about the next plandemic, just like last time. Mary says we could put them on notice that if they do anything toward further genocide of this type, it will be pitchfork city, so to speak. Why not? When someone wars against you, you respond by warring.
  7. Why isn’t Mary being her usual law-fussy self?
  8. She is being her usual law-fussy self. After all, what is law? As Fred Bastiat said in 1850, law is justice. The fact that America’s DOJ went to work for the criminal Globalists, around 1980, isn’t Mary’ fault. They sacked themselves. We the People are filling in for them. It’s all terribly legal.
  9. Does Mary have hope?
  10. Yes. Clearly the non-demented among us can rub a few neurons together (as Philip Allott says “our beautiful neurons”) and do what is needed to call a halt to this whole shameful era.


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