End of Story Re Russia and Ukraine

End of Story Re Russia and Ukraine


End of Story Re Russia and Ukraine…

This is the best insight and most common sense I’ve heard so far. Well said from retired Us Colonel and former advisor to Us Secretary of Security.

He knows the facts and offers common-sense solutions

ANR has been saying similar, and it’s good to see credible experts in America who know the situation agree.

Shame on our major and many minor political parties in Australia, for there ignorant, and arrogant position, of supporting the corrupt Ukrainian regime. And supporting the sending of lethal aid to only fuel war when Russia doesn’t want war. Plus the conflict is almost over, if Ukraine and the Us agrees to Putins simple demands and rightful demands
Become a neutral country and don’t join NATO period.

Russia has every right to protect its borders, and protect the large Russian populations living in Ukraine from the senseless killing of civilians since 2014, caused by Soros and the Us State Department, NATO and their paid neo nazi separatists.

Resources: https://t.me/LauraAbolichannel/13264


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