Embedded twitter feed for Million MAGA March…

Only Dims, and Dims pretending to be GOP, will be elected. We’ll be FORCED to take DR Gates’ death shots, afraid to talk.. cause some “good citizen” will report you for using naughty words, we’ll lose our savings and houses, cause.. someone in Romania needs it more than YOU do, they’ll take our children to “raise properly” in PC religion, NO CHRISTIANITY! We won’t be allowed to leave our houses for ANY reason, we’ll have to eat “Soylent Green”, instead of meat, PETA will kill all of the cows..cause..love, we’ll have rolling blackouts for global warming, they’ll crush our 65 Mustangs and 57 Belairs, so we can’t drive them any more, make us buy $50,000 electric cars or walk, when we turn 75..BANG! (for the greater good), old people won’t be allowed to talk to children..cause..dangerous ideas and hate speech! Pedophilia will be pushed, you will be arrested for turning down a “tranny” ..cause hate speech..homophobia! Saying ANYTHING against the ruler is automatic and instant death sentence…everyone killed will become “Soylent Green”, permanent Covid restrictions..cause..death!, and this is just off the top of my head!!


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