Election 2022: lessons and consequences

This year’s federal election was insane. It was chaotic. It was all over the place. And it has catastrophic consequences for this country. 

Let’s not bother with semantics – we need to cut right to the chase. Anthony Albanese is the Prime Minister of Australia. Labor has a majority government, albeit only just, which means it will be able to govern in its own right. The Senate is comprised of way too many Greens and is likely to drive policy.

Why did Labor win? It most definitely is not because they are popular…

Labor’s primary vote of a mere 30 per cent – well below the prediction of 36 per cent – demonstrates that only around 1 in 3 Australians actually support them. The Liberals had a higher primary of around 36 per cent, yet due to the preference system in this nation (which is now going to be a significant point of contention and the subject of much debate), the party that came second overall gets to govern. 

The low primary votes for the two major parties should have both of them questioning what they can do to get this to a point where they can practically guarantee themselves a confident majority, much like that of say, the Abbott government of 2011. 

It is clear from such low primary votes that Australians have become disenchanted with the major parties. The duopoly that has ruled all too comfortably for decades has been dealt a major blow. This has been demonstrated in the loss of seats that were once a sure thing for Liberal now falling into the hands of Teal independents. The tragic reality for Australia is that those seats are in the possession of single-issue Eco-fascists who want to bring in policies that will strangle prosperity in the name of Climate Change.

The so-called ‘Teal Independents’, who are basically Greens in disguise, have managed to win themselves a good portion of the crossbench. Alongside them will sit Adam Bandt and several more Greens who managed to co-opt seats of their own. 

The common misconception is that this lot beat out the majors because of Climate Change. This is not completely true. Yes, there were likely a number of young people in particular who voted for these candidates because they have been indoctrinated with climate fear-mongering in the education system, but this vote was also about people being sick of the majors.

Going back to the dismal percentage of primary votes each of the major parties received, it is clear that Albanese did not win this election. Scott Morrison lost it.

Labor didn’t win, the Liberals lost. 

The reason I frame it like this is because the Liberal Party botched this one up big time. They have been playing around with progressivism for years and if there is one thing organisations, companies, and even governments who toy with the world of the Woke know what happens: go Woke, you go broke. 

The Liberal Party have learned the hard way what happens when you try to become a carbon copy of your opponents. Editor of The Spectator Australia Rowan Dean was spot on when he pointed out in his editorial that the Liberals lost when they said they were committing to Net Zero, an utterly destructive policy that is only possible in the imaginations of globalist climate enthusiasts.

Morrison also failed in trying to be a people-pleaser. When you try to please everyone, you inevitably please no one. That is what the results of this election reflect. And so it is only right that Morrison has stepped down as the leader of the Liberal Party. If he had any decency, he’d resign entirely. 

But for those that still think this is solely about Climate Change, take a look at who in the Liberal Party lost their seats. Dave Sharma, Trent Zimmerman, and likely Josh Frydenberg all lost to Teals. All three of these men were from the infamous ‘moderate’ faction of the Liberals, which has driven them further and further to the Left. It was the same faction Turnbull was a part of. Yet they lost. So too did Terri Butler, the Labor MP for Griffith, who placed third to the Greens, who won the seat, and the Liberal Party.

Meanwhile, Conservative MPs held onto their seats.

The major lesson for the Liberal Party here is that it is past time to return to its conservative roots. It is something that fellow writer for The Spectator Australia John Ruddick was attempting to bring about for years before he left to run for the Liberal Democrats. The Liberal Party needs to democratise fully and allow the members to select their candidates, rather than having someone like Morrison parachute in whoever he wants (look at how terribly that worked out). 

The Liberal Party needs to abandon the inner-city. This has become the land of elitist wets who are looking to make money off renewable subsidies. Stop trying to pander to them and start winning back people like me in the West who possess real conservative values that include things like small government, less tax, more freedom, and protected civil liberties.

It should also consider supporting independents like Dai Le in Labor held seats so as to prevent them from going to Labor. Le managed to win what has long been a safe seat for the Labor Party, likely due in part to Labor’s contempt for the people of the electorate in parachuting in Kristina Keneally, who has now proven to be one of the most unlikeable politicians in Australia.

Now that Scott Morrison is no longer leader, the Liberal Party should install a conservative Opposition Leader and a conservative Deputy Leader. Peter Dutton and Andrew Hastie would be a reasonable duo. The Nationals should also install Matt Canavan as their Leader. 

Another key lesson from this election is that we need both better education and better voting education in this country. Although the education system is unlikely to be reformed in the way it should under Labor, who will push it further towards identity politics and indoctrination with Leftist ideology, we need to teach the next generation of voters about the problems with socialist type policies. 

Although, if the next three years go how I expect them to, they may just learn about the impacts of such policies inadvertently also known as the hard way.

The reason I say we need better voting education is because it is clear that people still do not understand the preference system nor how to control their preferences. This, coupled with indoctrination in the education system, is what gets us into situations like the one we now find ourselves in. 

So here is just a brief outline of what you can expect in the next three years of the Albanese Government.

There’s going to be a lot of spending. Labor will be throwing money at public housing, wages, aged care, and healthcare. They will also spend countless millions, or even billions, on the weather. Albanese has said he wants to ‘end the climate wars’ and create a ‘renewable energy superpower’. Inevitably, that means we’re going to be buying solar panels from China and there will be a greater frequency of blackouts.

Chances are there will also be more mandates and lockdowns in the years to come for many of us. But the people of Western Australia and Victoria should be happy with that given those suckers for torture just voted for more of it.

We can also expect a Federal ICAC stacked in Labor’s favour. Oh, and they also want to make good on their commitment to the Uluru Statement, ironically after just electing a white woman over an Indigenous man in the seat of Hasluck.

The big winners are China, people smugglers, and globalist organisations like the World Health Organisation and the World Economic Forum. The big losers are the Australian people, who will be funding Albanese’s insane promises with increased taxes and who will have to suffer through the rotten fruits of his policies for the next three years. 

The Liberals better learn, otherwise they’re going to be doomed for multiple terms in Opposition, and this country will be doomed to a longer period of Labor government.

Joel Agius is an independent writer. If you would like to read more of his work, you can do so at JJ’s Outlook or check out his new podcast The Agius Hour.

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