ELECTION 2020: Everyone has eyes on Michigan, as legislature looks into Trump UNDERCOUNT revelation

November 7, 2020

Across the nation it seems everyone is watching Michigan in the 2020 Presidential race. The focus on Michigan came after a Michigan county flipped back to its historically republican roots when a manual recount discovered that roughly 6000 votes for President Donald Trump had been given to Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

On Saturday Michigan’s Republican state joint legislature will hold a meeting to look into what some say are serious concerns with the ballot counting machines used in many counties in the state.

Officials with Antrim County posted updated results showing President Trump won the county with 9,783 votes making up 56.46% of ballots cast, as reported. Moreover, Joe Biden had only earned 7,289.

We will investigate the elections process and seek to determine whether improprieties exist.

Michigan State Sen. Ed McBroom

According to reports Antrim County officials have blamed the county’s election software saying totals counted did not match tabulator tapes. A local news station 6 News learned the “Dominion Voting System” is used Antrim County. It is also used in 64 other counties across the state of Michigan. This presents a huge problem and one that the Trump campaign is going to take up in the courts.

Even though Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, told the local 6 News the massively skewed results were the result of a “county user error” not a software issue, Republican state leaders aren’t buying it and want a manual recount of the other counties considering how close the two candidates are in ballot counts.

That same voting system is also used in 64 other counties across the state including, Ingham, Jackson, and Shiawassee, locally. The New York Post is reporting that “Biden holds a substantial 2.5 percent lead over Trump in Michigan, with 95 percent of the vote counted. Trump won the state by less than one percentage point in 2016.”

There can be no question that based on what was discovered in Antrim County the Trump campaign, along with the Republican leadership in Michigan have every right to demand recounts of the other counties that used the voter counting machines.

It’s the only way to ensure the sanctity of the vote and ensure that whoever won the state did so without any question of improprieties or mistakes.

“One candidate seems to want to pour gas on every potential fear and doubt … while the other seems uninterested in some very troubling reports and witness testimony,” tweeted State Sen. Ed McBroom, chairman of the Senate Oversight Committee. “We will investigate the elections process and seek to determine whether improprieties exist.”

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