EERIE RED SKY — Oregon declares wildfire emergency (raw)…

Yep. Tonight in Jackson County, we have fires that are very close to where I live. Looking out my window, I could see flames in the far off distance and the billowy blanket of smoke filling the sky. Scary. Feel so sorry for those who are directly involved, losing their homes, and having to evacuate. Being the huge animal lover that I am, I mourn for the animals who are trapped and killed in such a frightening and painful way. Feeling helpless and vulnerable to such tragedy is extremely stressful. My prayers go out to all who are living (and dying) through this horrible time. Also, last night, there was a power outage that lasted almost 5 hours. At the onset, the temp here was around 100 degrees, then gradually tapered off into the 90’s, and so on. With no air conditioning, it was miserable. Air quality is terrible. I thank God that so far, I and my neighbors have been spared the worst of the mayhem. Being warmly uncomfortable is nothing compared to losing your house, your livelihood, and/or your life.


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