Dr Kory on Ivermectin and Clif High on the Khazarians (and DNA)

Intro by DM.

Today, two videos — one highlighting the war on ivermectin; the second — a history of the Khazarians, DNA, and the war on bloodlines.


Dr. Kory says…

“Ivermectin is demonstrably, provably one of the safest medicines in the history of medicine.  It is really hard to overdose on Ivermectin, and this gives it a really wide range of dosing.  In fact, you could probably take 100 times a standard dose.  (Standard dose is 9mgs per 100 pounds.)  So, there is a wide dosing range. . . . There has not been one provable documented death with Ivermectin. . . . The safety is unparallel.  Even the World Health Organization (WHO) . . . it’s on their list of essential medicines around the world, and they say most side effects are minor.  I use it all the time. . . . As a physician, it is such a great medicine to work with because of its safety.”

An interview with Greg Hunter.

I am in contact with a doctor that has been suspended for using ivermectin. It is truly appalling.

Dr Kory explains that he now has many vax-injury protocols and how there are no vax-injury clinics. So many vax injured sneak into the “Long-Covid clinics” where they NOT treated. What?

Clif High

A new Clif High and Dr Lee Merrit video (Part One). Dr Merritt began her medical career at the age of four, carrying her father’s “black bag” on housecalls, along the back roads of Iowa. Today they go back in history… to discuss Vitamin D, the Kharzarians and genetic modification in history. A fascinating interview that uncovers humanity’s convoluted history — which included blood drinking and child sacrifice. So many cultures have written about the sky visitors, but it could explain much of what is happening today. This aligns with biblical scholar Paul Wallis’s views.

Dr Merrit talks about the K26R bloodline and the spike protein and how ivermectin assists. They are suggesting Covid-19 has a different effect on different bloodlines. Is this a Kharzairan war on other bloodlines? Wow

Is this a cohesive view of history?

I find the need to research our origins and history to understand what is unfolding today.


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