Donald Trump Ridicules Pelosi Salon Scandal: Nancy You’re Not Supposed to Get ‘Set Up’

President Donald Trump mocked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s salon scandal on Thursday, praising the salon owner for busting her for visiting a salon indoors without a mask during the coronavirus pandemic.

The president expressed surprise that the salon owner turned in security footage of the Speaker of the House visiting a salon indoors without a mask, breaking San Francisco coronavirus mandates.

“How much do they hate Nancy Pelosi?” he asked.

The president spoke about the scandal at an airport rally in Latrobe, Pennsylvania on Thursday night.

Trump appeared to be surprised that Pelosi afterward defended her actions, accusing the salon owner of setting her up.

“That was a big mistake,” Trump said, adding, “Nancy, you’re not supposed to get set up, you’re representing our country!” Trump said.

Trump said that if Pelosi was “set up,” she should not be leading Congress.

“I want the salon owner to lead the House of Representatives, because she set up the Speaker of the House!” he said.

Trump said that Pelosi should have just apologized, and the story would be over.

“This is like the biggest story,” he said. “Crazy Nancy. Highly overrated person.”


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