DOCUMENTS: Toronto Public Health misrepresenting COVID data and avoiding substantive questions

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Back in October, I conducted an interview alongside Kelly Brown where we discussed the absolutely shocking data analysis he was conducting using raw government data being put out by Public Health Ontario and Toronto Public Health. In his analysis, he breaks down vaccine adverse reaction rates — primarily myocarditis post- second injection that seems to disproportionately affect young males.

Since youth are at statistically zero risk of death from COVID complications, but are being heavily affected by what appears to be post-injection induced myocarditis at a most recent rate (as of a November 12 analysis) of 1 in 5,000 and rising, it seems like a big public health concern to make these statistics mainstream.

After Kelly revoked speaking time at a Toronto Board of Health hearing and instead went to Twitter to post his remarks, I wanted to confirm that the Toronto Board of Health, by way of Medical Officer of Health Eileen DeVilla, wasn’t basing policy or mandates on conjecture.

In order to confirm that they had, in fact, been made aware of Kelly’s work, and the concerning data being put out by Public Health Ontario, I reached out to them for comment and clarification on a few things which I list in the video interview above.

The response I received instead was shocking! Apparently, Toronto Public Health doesn’t respond to questions from Rebel News. When no one responded when I asked “why, and on whose authority?” I filed a Freedom of Information request to find out.

If you watch the clip, you’ll see who’s responsible for this decision — and just how much they earn of your hard-earned tax dollars to skirt questions and misrepresent concerning data to the public with zero transparency or accountability.

You can also read for yourself the documents we obtained through our FOI request here:

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