Dinesh D’Souza — New book by Obama’s brother exposes Barack…

I have a digital copy of the BHO birth certificate posted several years ago by his brother. . It says: “Coast Province General Hospital, Mombasa British Protectorate of Kenya,” Certificate No. 32018; born 4th day of August 1961 at 7:24 p.m.; weight 7 pounds 1 ounce, 18 inches long, width between the shoulders: 6 inches; Residence of mother: Honolulu Hawaii, birthplace of mother: Wichita, Kansas, mother’s name Stanley Ann Obama (maiden name Dunham); birth date of mother 11/29/1942; Father’s name: Barack Hussein Obama, Birth place: Kanyadhiang Village, Nyanza, Birth date of father: 1936; Occupation of father: Student, Occupation of mother: student; attending physician: James O. W. Ang’ Awa; signed 8/8/1961, Supervisor of Obstetrics: John Kwame Odongo signed 8/7/1961. Also footprint on cert.

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