Dictator Governor Screws Citizens Even Harder With Veto

Governor Gretchen Whitmer Michigan COVID relief bill

Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer is under fire from Republicans after cutting millions of dollars in unemployment benefits from a state COVID-19 relief bill. First she shut down the state, destroying the economy in the process, and now she’s blocking aid to the people who need it most.

Tyrannical governor destroys the state

On Tuesday, Governor Whitmer signed a massive bipartisan relief package that was easily passed by state legislators, but not before nixing a provision to provide $220 million to Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund. She adamantly claimed while signing the bill, the change wouldn’t affect people’s jobless benefits.

“To be very clear, this will not impact individual workers,” she stated. “General fund dollars have got to be used to fund essential services like vaccines and PPE, not to give tax breaks to big businesses right now.”

However, state Republicans were quick to rebuke Governor Whitmer’s claims while pointing to a different bill that extended state unemployment benefits though March. They noted that bill requires the money to go into the trust fund in order for the extension to occur.

Senator Mike Shirky tweeted “At a time when Michiganders need it most, Governor Whitmer vetoed hundreds of millions of dollars in unemployment benefits. Unemployment cannot be extended without these funds. We are dismayed by her decision to leave families without the assistance they desperately need.”

COVID-19 lockdowns continue

Republicans are now saying those funds may never be seen by many struggling Michigan residents as Michiganders collecting state unemployment for over 20 weeks will be cut off on January 1, 2021. So the tyrannical governor shuts down small businesses, destroys the economy, then refuses to send aid to the people in need. Who votes these Democrats into office? Hopefully 2020 will be a wake up call for these people.

Residents of Michigan responded by bashing both Democrats and Republicans for this mess. One Twitter user replied to the Senator, saying “What do you expect, Mike? She’s waiting for a federal bail out from other state’s tax dollars. That will happen if this fraudulent election stands. You and the legislature should have stopped certification. Trump has to do this the hard way no thanks to you!”

Another user demanded the Republican Senator fight harder for Trump. “America is watching, you have power to halt the theft of Electoral Votes. Protect the Republic & Constitution to which you swore an oath.”


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