DHS Fighting Back Against Voter Fraud

Voter fraud 2020 elections Trump Biden

The Department of Homeland Security has partnered with election officials to distribute an auditing tool that can be used to ensure the accuracy of elections. The 2020 presidential election is still undecided as President Trump contests the results in several battleground states. Many Americans are convinced that wide-scale voter fraud took place.

Voter fraud in battleground states

The DHS is working to help restore confidence in America’s election process. The Department’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is working with the non-profit group VotingWorks to create a new election auditing software tool called Arlo.

The software will be provided to any state and local election officials free of charge. Arlo has already been used in the 2019 elections. Now more states are signing on to use the software including Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Ohio and Georgia.

The Senate intelligence committee has been pushing for better auditing technology since 2016, when some Democrats accused the Russians of tampering in our elections.

“Statistically sound audits may be the simplest and most direct way to ensure confidence in the integrity of the vote,” one committee wrote. “States should begin to implement audits of election results.”

The Arlo software can audit the election results by selecting different batches of ballots received and comparing them to the original count, pointing out any irregularities. “Heading into 2020, we’re exploring all possible ways that we can support state and local election officials while also ensuring that Americans across the country can confidently cast their votes,” CISA Director Christopher Krebs said in a statement.

Voter Fraud DHS software 2020 Election Trump Biden

Trump demands a recount

Will this new software restore faith in our elections? Some Americans are skeptical. For four years the Democrats have been screaming about Russia meddling in our elections.

Many still claim Trump is an illegitimate President and the only reason he won the White House was because Putin helped him. The Democrats had the FBI spy on the Trump campaign, they demonized him in the media, investigated him for corruption and even impeached him in the House.

Now these same Democrats are outraged that Trump would question the election outcome. Their hypocrisy is on full display. Trump was on his way to a landslide victory on election night until Biden suddenly surged ahead.

Now we’re getting dozens of reports of voter fraud. Dead people voting, stolen mail-in ballots, voting software glitches, election officials blocking Republican poll watchers from entry, Postal workers back dating ballots, late night deliveries unloading boxes of ballots. What a mess. We are in the eye of the storm folks. Brace yourself. This could get ugly.


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