Desperate search for Biden supporters…

Logical thinking is taught in the HOME! Parents teach kids to evaluate, estimate, plan, decide, and deal with consequences of the decisions they make. Deferring parental responsibilities to schools is part of the problem with some parents, then they complain about how their kids turn out. My parents taught by example, as I watched them sort through options and make choices in everyday life. As I aged, the choices I was able to make became more and more defined, and my parents would help me evaluate how things had worked out, and if I needed to make a different decision next time…I didn’t learn that from a video game, the television set, a smart phone, or my teachers at school—I learned it from my parents who raised me right, because it was their job, and they took it seriously. Oh yeah, we also talked about current events at the dinner table—where we ate dinner…as a family…all of us…every day…I will agree that public schools are cesspools of liberal thought and if you think your kids are going to get good training in reasoning and logic there, it’s like planting them in front of the TV with CNN on all day and saying “here you go, now you will know everything about what’s really going on in the world”…but parents ARE capable of teaching their children these things before they even get to school, and the good ones are already doing it. As for the parents of those losers rioting in the streets, they deferred their parenting to the TV and the schools long ago because it was easier. Shame on them!


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