Deplorables Take to the Streets


Dozens of freedom loving deplorables took to the streets on Saturday night to demonstrate against California’s liberal oppression. After seizing control of the Pacific Coast Highway, they deplorably lit their masks on fire in defiance.

That was followed up on Sunday, across the country in New Hampshire, where at least 100 patriots surrounded the home of Governor Chris Sununu over his “statewide mask mandate.”

Deplorables don’t pillage and plunder

Once again, this weekend’s gatherings proved that Trump supporters don’t burn buildings, cars or houses. Not a single shop window was smashed. Only liberal democrats peacefully loot, pillage, and plunder.

Southern California deplorables grabbed their pitchforks and torches and headed to Huntington Beach. They intentionally assembled after 10 p.m. to thumb their nose at Governor Gavin Newsom and his curfew. They won’t let Covid-19 be used as an excuse to cancel the Constitution. The freedom fighters brought along plenty of American flags and banners which read “Trump: Make America Great Again.”

Liberal news reporters were shocked that some of the sign holding deplorables “were seen not wearing a face covering.” Worse yet, they lit their face coverings on fire.

Because laws don’t have any effect anymore, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, joined by other Southern California law enforcement, “said they would not enforce the curfew.” The mask burning was declared an “unlawful assembly” but “there is no word on any citations.” Instead of violence, “the demonstration more closely resembled a jubilant block party than an act of defiance.”

There were “people running into street intersections to cheer and others dancing to ‘God Bless the USA.’” Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims admits, “We’re not gonna make criminals of normally law abiding citizens.”

Along with the onerous curfew, in Los Angeles County you can forget about eating out. “They will prohibit in-person dining for at least three weeks.”

They’re doing their best to eliminate Thanksgiving so liberals don’t have to sit around the table and listen to the praises of President Donald Trump from the deplorables in their extended families.

Meanwhile on the East Coast

Over in the deep blue state of New Hampshire, a contingent of at least 100 deplorables surrounded the Governor’s mansion.

Chris Sununu isn’t a popular man with the patriots. On Sunday afternoon, the patriots dared to show up “on a grassy area near the end of a cul-de-sac where Sununu’s home is located, at about 2 p.m., without masks.”

Visibly angry deplorables chanted “Breathe free or die, We will not comply.” They each took turns at the megaphone taunting the governor to come out and play.

The patriot forces urged the overreaching bureaucrat to “come out and talk.” Nobody was sure if he was even home. If he was, he was hiding in the basement.

The event was organized by Frank Staples and his group Absolute Defiance. The deplorables decided it would be better to show up there instead of downtown.

“The Statehouse is closed. He has shut everything down and is running the government from his house, so right now this is the Statehouse. We will be here every weekend till he ends his executive orders and the state of emergency.”


State of emergency is exactly the right term. Brennan Robinson of Alton voiced what a lot of deplorables have on their minds. “Now the governor, on his own, without the legislature, is trying to create new law.”

“He knows that half the Republican Party in the Statehouse is against this. So why is the governor suddenly playing dictator?” American patriots are well aware that the U.S. Constitution does allow a dictator in an emergency. Then there are fall-back methods beyond that.


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