Democrat tries to steal Trump flag from Vietnamese rally — Einstein Gets Arrested

Dan, Dan the ammo man
As mad as he can be,
He read this crap
And his knee he slapped
As he counted 1 2 3,
The three guns lie before him
All polished nice and clean,
Then he loaded them with ammo
As his friends faces turned green,
For they were green with envy
At what they all just saw,
Those green tip AR fifteen rounds
Just left them all in awe,
He cocked his gun and let it rip
Bullets flying everywhere,
He shot those cans and bottles
And didn’t even care,
He saw all of the carnage
He inflicted on those cans,
With shards of glass in the grass
And glass chips in the sand,
His friends had heard all the noise
And said what the heck is up?
And Dan the man said “listen boys, you better ammo up!”


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